A PS1 classic is free to play in your browser right now

A PS1 classic is free to play in your browser right now

Retro fans can play a fantastic PlayStation racing game for free, no PlayStation Plus or purchase required.

This one goes out to all the retro gaming fans out there, or to those who like checking out video game history. The PlayStation 1 racer Wipeout can now be played on your PC or laptop through your chosen browser, no download or purchase needed.

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Wipeout was a 3D racing game developed alongside the PS1, featuring high-speed, futuristic vehicles travelling down long, winding tracks. It’s not too dissimilar to Nintendo’s F-Zero series but stands out due to its aesthetic, as well as power-ups/weapons to help get the advantage during races.

It was received positively by critics, who praised the game for taking full advantage of the PS1’s power, with many calling it a potential rival to the increasingly popular Mario Kart series. Aside from the visuals, the techno-inspired soundtrack was also held in high regard. Several sequels were released over the following years, with the series expanding to additional console platforms, like the Sega Saturn and even the Nintendo 64.

Despite starting its life on the PS1, Wipeout is yet to make its debut on current-gen PlayStation consoles, as well as become part of the classic games collection on PlayStation Plus Premium. Luckily, fans can now play the game on their browser exactly how it shipped years ago. It also runs surprisingly well too. The controls are very simple on a keyboard, using the arrow keys to steer the vehicles, and other keys to use items, brake sharply etc. It also holds up nicely in terms of video quality and sound design.

If you’re a fan of Wipeout, racing games in general, or just fancy killing some time on your computer, it’s well worth checking out, at least until it’s ported to current-gen platforms. Check it out here.

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