Bethesda exec reassures Starfield fans: “We know what we’re doing”

Bethesda exec reassures Starfield fans: “We know what we’re doing”

Bethesda head of publishing Pete Hines has some reassuring words for Starfield fans as the space RPG approaches, reiterating that the game has “an amazing team.”

Bethesda exec reassures Starfield fans: We know what we're doing
Starfield is less than a month away now from its Xbox Game Pass launch. It’s one of the biggest, most-anticipated games of recent years. We’ve prepared with our Starfield round-up for the release date, gameplay, and everything we know so far, but the hype is starting to boil over now we’re so close to September 6. Hines has taken to X with some calming words for worried fans.

Starfield launches into Xbox Game Pass on September 6

One fan asked about when Starfield is going gold and when its pre download is available, and referenced the recent announcement of Starfield chairs, saying, “We don’t wanna know about chairs. Cyberpunk did the same thing” (thanks, PCGamesN). Hines responded reassuringly, replying, “Take a deep breath. I have an amazing team. We know what we’re doing.”

It’s been a long wait for Starfield, which has been one of the most-anticipated titles on our big list of all the games coming to Game Pass, but that wait is almost over. Bits and pieces of Starfield news are beginning to drop as the release date approaches, such as the fact that Starfield crams the universe into 125GB on Xbox and PC.

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