Check out this modern rewrite of the classic racer wipEout

Check out this modern rewrite of the classic racer wipEout

Do you remember the original wipEout? An absolute classic racer originally released 1995 for Sony PlayStation, DOS and later the SEGA Saturn. Now there’s a modern cross-platform remake available to try out.

This wipEout Remaster comes thanks to developer Dominic Szablewski, who used the code leak from 2022. This does mean it’s something of a legal uncertainty because leaked code could be nuked by rights holders at any time. Although, we are talking about a really old game no longer sold and supported.

Some of the benefits of this remake include cross-platform support with SDL2, better memory management, better performance along with high FPS support, rewritten and upgraded physics and much more. There’s still work to be done though with some features missing but it’s very playable.

I have some really fond memories of playing the original on an actual PlayStation. Seeing it run in my browser, on a laptop is just – wow. I love how technology moves on and enables things like this, and I especially love seeing classics remade in such a way so more people can experience them and learn from them.

Check out the writeup from the developer here, the code is on GitHub and you can play it in your browser.

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