About 150 inventions are created within the University of Colorado Boulder every year, but many of these inventions never go beyond campus.

To help propel those inventions forward, CU Boulder announced a new program on Wednesday to connect inventions made at the university with community entrepreneurs interested in the newest breakthrough technologies.

“Just because the university inventors didn’t create a startup company doesn’t mean the technology is not a really exciting startup opportunity,” Bryn Rees, associate vice chancellor for research and innovation and managing director of Venture Partners, said in a news release.

The program is called the Embark Deep Tech Startup Creator and it was launched by the CU Boulder Venture Partners, who help campus innovators bring ideas and technology to different companies or investors.

For example, a breathalyzer created by Physics Professor Jun Ye that is able to analyze breath or air molecules for fast detection of diseases will be brought to market by entrepreneur Eva Yao through the program.

Yao is one of 12 entrepreneurs selected for the program out of more than 100 applicants to create startups based on university-created technology. Available technology inventions were available to the entrepreneurs in fields including science and engineering, biotechnology, quantum science and aerospace.

The program is funded by CU Boulder and the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade to increase diversity in the startup community by supporting individuals who may not otherwise have the financial means to pursue entrepreneurship. The 12 entrepreneurs selected for the program will receive up to $100,000 for technology development and the option of a six-month part-time salary to jumpstart their ventures.

“These people know how to hire the best and the brightest to support them,” Stephen Miller, director of venture development at Venture Partners, said in a news release. “They also know how to attract funding, and they know how to launch a startup.”