Diablo 4 Dungeon Can Power-Level You In Record Time (But Blizzard Will Probably Fix It Soon)

Diablo 4 Dungeon Can Power-Level You In Record Time (But Blizzard Will Probably Fix It Soon)

Diablo IV’s recent changes to monster density has made one dungeon in particular extremely lucrative for those looking to level-up fast.

As highlighted by prominent Diablo content creator Raxxanterax, players who run the first portion of the Domhainne Tunnels on repeat can power-level their characters from level 1-40 in around two hours. That’s extremely fast and is so fast that speedrunners are now using the method to shave a significant amount of time off previous records.

To efficiently farm the dungeon, players don’t want to actually complete it. Instead, the trick is to battle through the first part of the dungeon without completing the objective and to then simply leave and reset the dungeon via the journal once all the enemies in its first area have been wiped out. Rinse and repeat. The number of monsters is so high in this first area that there’s no real reason to do anything other than farm that one specific section. Additionally, events and the Butcher have a chance to spawn in the dungeon’s first area. As Raxxanterax puts it, players who push forward and complete the whole dungeon will just “lose time efficiency and XP.”

The new Domhainne Tunnels farming strategy looks to replace the previous tried-and-true method for leveling fast: clearing Strongholds without formally completing them. This new method is only possible due to the game’s most recent patch 1.1.1 update, which increased monster density in Nightmare dungeons and Helltide areas alongside buffs to Barbarians and Sorcerers.

The way the patch notes read, it makes it seem as though the monster density changes were only for Diablo IV’s endgame, which can only be accessed around level 50 and on World Tier III. But as Raxxanterax has shown, Domhainne Tunnels is currently crawling with monsters in its normal version. It’s unclear if the increased monster density for the normal version of the dungeon is a mistake on Blizzard’s part, but players are wasting no time taking advantage of it.

Raxxanterax’s video detailing the strategy has been live for two days, so perhaps there’s still some time left before Blizzard issues a hotfix for the dungeon to bring it down to a more reasonable level. It wouldn’t be the first time Blizzard has addressed popular farming strategies. Another popular way to power-level characters was effectively killed alongside the arrival of Diablo IV’s Season 1 update, and the best way to farm the game’s most powerful Malignant Hearts was also recently addressed by Blizzard via hotfix.

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