DISH Wants To Give You Cheap 5G Home Internet Service As Cord Cutting 2.0 Grows

DISH Wants To Give You Cheap 5G Home Internet Service As Cord Cutting 2.0 Grows

One of the hottest areas in cord cutting right now is 5G home internet. Finally, cord cutters can now cancel their Cable TV service and their cable internet service, breaking completely free from cable TV. This move has started what is becoming known as cord cutting 2.0.

So what is cord cutting 2.0? Cord Cutting 1.0 was cutting the cord on cable TV. Now in 2023, cord cutting 2.0 is about cutting the cord on home internet and getting new options.

Cord Cutting 2.0 is getting off to a strong start in 2023 as in just the 2nd quarter of the month, T-Mobile and Verizon added 893,000 new 5G Home Internet Customers. This is on top of the 523,000 home 5G home internet customers that T-Mobile added in the 1st quarter of 2023.

Now it seems that DISH may jump into cord cutting 2.0 and launch a home internet service. This week during DISH and Echostars earnings call, DISH said they are looking into 5G Home Internet as a possible new service for them to offer.

Currently, DISH owns the majority of the 12 GHz spectrum that many believe will be best suited for 5G Home Internet. DISH would need FCC approval to use this spectrum the door was recently left open for it.

DISH launching a 5G home internet service would be one more option for cord cutters to break free from high-cost cable internet. Right now Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T already offer 5G Home Internet and DISH would be a 4th option for many Americans.

5G home internet is not the only way Americans are cutting the cord on cable internet. Increasingly new Fiber options from new competitors are growing. You also see new, faster high-speed internet services from space with SpaceX’s Starlink and soon Amazon offering affordable internet options from space for rural Americans.

For years cable companies counted on their internet services to offset the losses with TV. Now though cable companies are facing real competition in the world of home internet, something they have not faced in a long time.

Cord cutting 2.0 may still be in the very early days, but a growing number of Americans have started to look for cheaper options for internet. Like the early days of cord cutting, this movement is picking up speed with no signs of slowing.

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