Game-changing Diablo 4 strategy helps players level faster than ever before – Dexerto

Diablo 4 players are always on the lookout for the next big edge, and one content creator might have just unveiled the ultimate leveling secret.

Raxxanterax, a prominent figure in the Diablo community, has recently unveiled a new leveling method that is turning heads and setting records.

In a video titled “New Diablo 4 Leveling Strategy is Way Faster than Strongholds,” Raxxanterax introduces a fresh approach to leveling that capitalizes on the recent 1.1.1 patch changes to dungeons. Before the update, his record reaching level 40 stood at a respectable three and a half hours. However, post-patch, he shattered his own record, reaching level 40 in a mere 2 hours and 7 minutes.

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The secret? The “Domhainne Tunnels,” affectionately dubbed the “dopamine tunnels” by players. Previously, these tunnels were considered low-tier in terms of XP gain. But with the patch’s density changes, they’ve skyrocketed in value.

Raxxanterax explains, “The beginning part of dopamine tunnels has so many monsters in it that if you just keep resetting that over and over and over, then you get a colossal amount of XP, which is way higher than anything that we were getting in the strongholds before.”

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His method is straightforward: repeatedly run the initial section of the tunnels, taking advantage of the high monster density. Players should focus solely on this part of the dungeon for maximum efficiency, avoiding distractions like freeing prisoners. One of the added benefits of this method is that players won’t accumulate excessive loot, minimizing the need for frequent salvaging and vending.

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Raxxanterax’s strategy is not just about speed but also about enjoyment. He believes that this new method is more engaging than the previous stronghold resets. He recommends using the dopamine tunnels from levels 1 to 15, then returning at level 48, and continuing until about level 55. After this point, players should transition to nightmare dungeons.

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With the next patch for Diablo 4 scheduled for August 15, players are advised to make the most of this strategy while it lasts. Whether Blizzard will address the dopamine tunnels in future updates remains to be seen. For now, players can enjoy the rush of leveling up at record speeds, all thanks to Raxxanterax’s keen insights.

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