Jellyfish Mobile introduces 5G web3-enabled mobile virtual network operator | VanillaPlus – The global voice of Telecoms IT

Jellyfish Mobile introduces 5G web3-enabled mobile virtual network operator | VanillaPlus – The global voice of Telecoms IT

Jellyfish Mobile, a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that integrates web3 technologies has been launched aiming to modernise the telecom sector. Jellyfish Mobile is providing users with ownership of their wallet address, providing secure identification and contact capabilities, while eliminating the risks of sim swap attacks.

The cold wallet ensures private and secure payments, making zero-transfer attacks impossible. With a focus on convenience, security, and user-centricity, JellyFish Mobile aims to build a connected world that empowers and protects.

Jellyfish Mobile is modernising the mobile roaming landscape, offering affordability in data and voice services. Their mission is to deliver the cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality or reliability. As they expand their operations across Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, Jellyfish Mobile has announced their partnerships with prime crypto exchanges (CEX).

JellyFish Mobile is poised to redefine the landscape of brand visibility and user loyalty through co-branded eSIM/uSIM (embedded-SIM / universal subscriber identity module) technology. Inspired by the compelling force of collaboration, they have forged a partnership with CEX, endowing them with a competitive edge.

The co-branded eSIM/uSIM equips crypto exchanges with the tools to escalate their brand prominence while bolstering user loyalty, propelling them to the industry forefront. However, the JFISH token is not merely a stake in the project; it functions as a fluid medium of exchange for a diverse range of services.

JellyFish Mobile is working to integrate with local mobile wallet gateways, laying the foundation for the acceptance of local currencies in various countries where the company’s partner, CEX, seeks to expand. This approach is primed to enhance the mobile connectivity ecosystem, offering SIM users a method to pay for goods and services in their local currency via the CEX’s proprietary app.

But that’s just the beginning. Coming October, JellyFish Mobile is all set to roll out their minimum viable product (MVP), a step that has already garnered interest from prominent Centralised Exchanges (CEXs). This recognition is a important step in the company’s growth strategy, and they intend to leverage it by partnering with a top 15 CEX, followed by a top 5 CEX, setting them on the path to acquiring 500k subscribers.

The Jellyfish Mobile Project is set to modernise the future of mobile connectivity, leveraging the JFISH token. As a JFISH token holder, users are not just an investor, but integral parts of the decision-making process, with the ability to influence decisions through participation in the Jellyfish Mobile DAO.

All JFISH token holders will be able to participate in the Jellyfish Mobile DAO, voting to shape decisions for the future of the Project. Starting with an IEO (initial exchange offering) event from August 13th-27th, and listing on the P2B exchange on August 28th, the token value starts from 0.025 at IEO and 0.0275 on the listing date.

A monumental vision drives the Jellyfish Mobile Project. With a plan to infiltrate 138 countries, it aspires to equip a multitude of subscribers to utilise web3 services, even in the absence of mobile data services. This daring initiative signifies a leap away from the shackles of the conventional telecom industry.

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