Starfield shares timeline lore ahead of Xbox Game Pass launch

Starfield shares timeline lore ahead of Xbox Game Pass launch

We are just weeks away from Starfield’s launch, and Bethesda has now shared a more in-depth look at “the story so far” with a timeline and lore for its story.

Starfield shares timeline lore ahead of Xbox Game Pass launch
We gathered together everything we could find about Starfield in our round-up of the release date, gameplay, and everything we know so far, and Bethesda has just added a huge chunk of background lore for the game with a timeline of “the story so far…”

Bethesda shares “the story so far” for Starfield

Covering major events from 2050 all the way through to 2328, Bethesda’s timeline catches us up on how things stand when the game takes place (in the year 2330). The timeline starts with the first arrival of humans on Mars in 2050, confirming that humans are living in space by 2100. We’re told the United Colonies (one of the major factions in the game, and one party of the Colony War) was established in 2159. The Freestar Collective, the other major party in the war, is then officially created in 2189. The Freestar Collective and the United Colonies had apparently already been involved in a major war before the Colony War: in 2196, the Narion War broke out over the Narion system before peace was restored in 2216 and the term “settled systems” created (the settled systems is where the game takes place).

Constellation, the space-exploring organization we will be working for in Starfield, is revealed as having been founded in 2275, before the Colony War begins in 2307 after the United Colonies accuses the Freestar Collective of breaking the treaty that had been made to restore peace with the Narion War. During this war, Constellation gets its first “Artifact.” The Colony War ends in 2311, and the rest of the timeline covers important people joining Constellation, ending with Constellation getting a deep space scanner called The Eye in 2328, two years before the game begins.

Starfield is one of the most-anticipated games coming to Game Pass, and Bethesda exec Pete Hines recently took to Twitter to reassure Starfield fans that the teams “know what we’re doing.”

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