Unlimited 5G data vs Data offered with the plan: How are the two different and what they mean – Times of India

Unlimited 5G data vs Data offered with the plan: How are the two different and what they mean – Times of India




Reliance Jio

have been offering

unlimited 5G data

to its customers. Airtel is offering these benefits almost across its prepaid and postpaid plans, while Jio is offering these benefits on all the plans over Rs 239. In fact, Jio has an add-on plan for lower value plan to make them eligible for free unlimited 5G data.

Both the companies also have unlimited plans on offer that come with some amount of data. For instance, 1GB per day, 2GB per day, 30GB total data and so on.
Now, the question is what is the difference between the two types of data offered by these telecom operators? How are they different? All this and more we will discuss in this article. Read on:

First let’s address the most interesting part – Unlimited 5G data

5G data

stands true to its name. Both the companies are offering unlimited 5G data to its customers given they are in the 5G area and their handset supports 5G. Also, have a plan of Rs 239 or above (in case of Jio).
Let’s make things clear, this

unlimited data

has nothing to do with the plan that comes included with your regular unlimited plan. This is a standalone offering by the company.

Now, how does this work? Well, it is pretty simple. If your phone and number meets the requirements for 5G data and your phone has a 5G network then all the data consumed will be included within the unlimited 5G data policy. It won’t get deducted from the allocated data offered with the plan. Also, Airtel users are required to claim the Unlimited 5G data benefits using Airtel Thanks app.
But, if your phone is not on a 5G network, then the data will get deducted from the data quota offered with the plan
Note: Both Reliance Jio and Airtel haven’t announced 5G plans as of now.
Data offered with the plan
There are different types of unlimited plans available. Some offer daily data, while some offer bulk data for a certain number of days (validity). The data offered with these plans can be called 4G data for now. This data is for everything or whenever there’s no 5G service or your phone is not on the 5G network. Then, everything you’ll do online will be counted against this quota.
In fact, all the data packs offered by these telcos offers additional 4G data.

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