2K Announces Premium Season Pass Options For NBA 2K24

2K Announces Premium Season Pass Options For NBA 2K24

2K has announced two premium Season Pass options for NBA 2K24 along with a unified progression path across MyCAREER and MyTEAM modes. While the latter is a welcomed addition, the premium Season Pass options will raise some eyebrows.

NBA 2K24 Seasons will feature a new unified Seasonal progressions track that combines MyCAREER and MyTEAM into one linear rewards system. Throughout each season, players will earn a free reward from both modes each time they reach a new level. With the new Seasonal progression track, players will now have more choice in how they earn their rewards with a new freedom to explore all that NBA 2K24 has to offer – without jeopardizing their progress.

NBA 2K is introducing 2 Premium Season Pass options to #NBA2K24 Seasons ‼️

The Pro Pass & Hall of Fame Pass provides players with access to 40 additional earnable premium rewards and more. pic.twitter.com/sZ1OBobzvw

— NBA 2K (@NBA2K) August 17, 2023

In addition to the free Seasons experience 2K players already know, now with the addition of cross-progression, NBA 2K24 will feature two premium Season Pass options – Pro and Hall of Fame. Players who choose to purchase the Pro or Hall of Fame pass options will earn even more rewards and benefits as they play through Levels 1-40. Each Season, players will be able to choose the best Season Pass option for their own journey as they hit the court to reach Level 40:

  • Free Rewards Experience (FREE) – The free experience will continue to be open to all players, offering the same quality experience they’ve come to expect from NBA 2K Seasons with the now added benefit of unified progression. Players will have the chance to earn up to 80 Level rewards as they play to unlock all 40 Level rewards for both MyCAREER and MyTEAM modes.
  • Pro Pass ($9.99 USD) – The Pro Pass will offer the ability to earn 40 additional Premium Level rewards, along with additional VC and MTP rewards that can be earned throughout the season. With Pro Pass, players will unlock a Premium Level reward for each level achieved. Players will also immediately acquire four Season Pass rewards after purchasing the pass. For $9.99, players can upgrade from a Pro Pass to a Hall of Fame Pass with a Pass Upgrade at any point in the Season.
  • Hall of Fame Pass ($19.99 USD) – The Hall of Fame Pass will include everything in the Pro Pass and more. The Hall of Fame Pass also features one additional Season Pass reward, for a total of five Season Pass rewards, a 15% XP Booster for the entire season, 10 Level Skips immediately applied to the Season reward track and more.

Additional information can be found in the official FAQ but let’s hear your thoughts on the new Battle Pass, err… Premium Season Pass options.

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