Baldur Gate 3 players’ genitals are disappearing into thin air no thanks to Larian

Baldur Gate 3 players’ genitals are disappearing into thin air no thanks to Larian

Baldur’s Gate 3 has an unusual bug that basically makes your character’s genitals disappear during creation.

One player discovered the issue during their 20 hour campaign and shared it in an Aug. 17 Reddit post. They realized their character’s junk was missing for some reason. They later found out that if you switch your character’s sub-race after altering their appearance in the creation menu, the game will just reset its genitals to default, meaning their female dwarf lost her penis.

It’s a minor (or major in some instances) issue overall, especially since most Baldur’s Gate 3 players already have a bunch of hours in the game. But, if you’ve already chosen your nether regions and then have second thoughts about your sub-race, make sure you go back and make sure your meat and two veg are still intact.

Main character menu in Baldur's Gate 3
I couldn’t care less, my character is just a basic Elf created in 10 minutes. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Most players in the comments took a light approach to the topic, thanking the author or making jokes. “Thanks for the warning. I always hate it when my penis disappears,” one of them reads. “Most of the time my penis dissapears its Karlachs fault if you know what I mean,” another adds. Another wrote. “Well, in my playthrough, it’s usually the talking that makes my companions fond of my main character, nothing else. “

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Baldur’s Gate 3 players have already spent millions of hours in character creation alone. Actually, on Aug. 11, it was revealed players had spent 88 years in it. We’re not surprised. The game gives you way too many options to customize the look of your character.

I’m no master of speedruns, but I always do them when creating my character. I’m too eager to jump into the action to pay attention to every detail about it. But, good to know about this inconvenience. Next time, when I’m replaying the game, I’m surely going to be wary of that, unless Larian has it fixed by then.

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