Bengaluru Woman Shares Photo Of Uber Ride Being Offered For Rs 6, Internet Stunned

Bengaluru Woman Shares Photo Of Uber Ride Being Offered For Rs 6, Internet Stunned

Mahima Chandak posted a screenshot of the extremely low fare.

Bengaluru is famous for its terrible traffic congestion during regular working days. Whether it’s the morning commute during rush hours to reach work or the evening rush back home, the daily journey can often turn into a challenge for those residing in the core of India’s Silicon Valley.

These terrible traffic conditions contribute to the higher rates charged by cab services within the city.

However, in a surprising tweet, a woman disclosed that she was able to secure an Uber ride for a mere Rs 6. This revelation has left social media users taken aback, particularly individuals residing in Bengaluru.

This has to be a bug

— Mahima Chandak (@mahima_chandak) August 16, 2023

An X user (formerly known as Twitter) posted a screenshot showing an unusually low fare of Rs 6, significantly lower than the original amount of Rs 46.24. This reduction in fare was attributed to the application of a promotional code. Nevertheless, such a remarkably low price is a rare occurrence for residents of Bengaluru.

As expected, the social media community was utterly stunned by the remarkably low ride fare. The fare, particularly for the residents of Bengaluru who have firsthand experience of exorbitant price surges during peak hours in the city, came as an unbelievable revelation.

The post quickly gained immense popularity, amassing nearly 50,000 views in no time. Several users took to the comment section to share their own experiences on social media.

“Funny thing. I noticed this bug yesterday, and the price was zero. 35% discount. Needless to say, no driver accepted my ride,” commented a user.

“No cap, but I have booked and gotten an Ola or Uber cab for free in the past. The price was Rs 60, and the app had a coupon for the same amount, which I applied for and got the short ride home for free,” wrote another user.

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