Best Buy is selling two Microsoft Surface Pro 9 variants at monster discounts for a limited time

Best Buy is selling two Microsoft Surface Pro 9 variants at monster discounts for a limited time

Despite its clear and major appeal for high-end tablet buyers in general and Windows productivity lovers in particular, Microsoft’s fall 2022-released Surface Pro 9 is very often sold at extremely substantial discounts in different configurations by the likes of Amazon and Best Buy.

The latter retailer can once again hook you up with a super-powerful and exceptionally versatile 13-inch giant at a special price for 48 hours or so, and at least one of the two models on offer right now is virtually impossible to resist… if you have $1,199.99 to spend.

That’s how much you need to cough up for a speedy 256GB solid-state drive, hefty 16GB RAM count, and impressive Intel Evo Core i7 processor, and if that feels a little steep, you should consider that this particular Surface Pro 9 variant normally costs $1,599.99.

That means that you’re looking at saving a totally unprecedented 400 bucks here, but keep in mind that you’ll still have to spend more if you also want to get a keyboard and be able to easily and conveniently transform your brand-new Windows 11 tablet into a full-blown laptop.

The other configuration on sale at a reduced price for a limited time will set you back $899.99 instead of $1,099.99, which obviously means you’re looking at making a few compromises and cutting some corners compared to the aforementioned model.

Namely, you’ll have to make do with a slightly less powerful Intel Evo Core i5 chip, a slightly humbler 8 gigs of memory, and… the same 256 gig SSD, which is really not a bad setup for an iPad Pro alternative that can get quite a bit of work done on the move while also taking care of your mobile entertainment needs.

At least until the inevitable Surface Pro 10 comes out, this is arguably the best of the best Windows tablets money can buy today, and with Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales still a few months on the horizon, you may not get a better opportunity to save big on the Pro 9 beast anytime soon.

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