Call Of Duty open-world Zombies officially announced

Call Of Duty open-world Zombies officially announced

Call Of Duty: Zombies is back, and it’s reportedly going to be bigger than ever.

Yesterday, Activision dropped a new gameplay trailer for Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare III, teasing a high-stakes single-player campaign, explosive gameplay, and even a reference to one of the COD franchise’s most controversial missions…

Check out the gameplay reveal below

While fans will likely be hyped to see the return of Captain Price’s team on their mission to take down Makarov, it was the mention of the new Zombies mode that got everyone excited.

Despite not yet seeing the new mode in action, it’s been compared to the highly-popular Outbreak mode from Call Of Duty Black Ops: Cold War. It will reportedly feature an “all-new open world” that’ll see groups of players take on endless waves of undead on the “largest Call of Duty zombies maps ever.”

It sounds interesting, to say the least, as previous maps weren’t exactly small, often having branching paths leading to new areas, many of which were essential to visit if you wanted to “complete” the level and find the Easter Eggs.

Knowing Activision, a standalone Zombies reveal will be planned some time in the next few weeks, so we’ll likely get our first glimpse at the new open world very soon.

The reveal also teased the return of “iconic multiplayer maps” as well as “Open Combat Missions.” These missions will reportedly give players more freedom in how they execute missions, with “numerous additional paths and choices to complete objectives.” Activision believes it’ll improve mission variety, as well as “empower player decisions like never before.”

It’s also been said that Open Combat Missions will not be replacing the popular cinematic missions featured in previous Call Of Duty campaigns, but will simply be another type of mission players will encounter in the single-player.

It looks like the upcoming Modern Warfare game is aiming to be one of the most ambitious entries in the series yet, but some fans are sceptical and have taken great offence at the game’s premium price point.

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare III will launch for Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC on the 10th of November.

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