Classic FPS Series ‘Delta Force’ Is Making A Comeback On Current-Gen Consoles

Classic FPS Series ‘Delta Force’ Is Making A Comeback On Current-Gen Consoles

Old enough to remember this one?

Ahead of a full reveal at Gamescom Opening Night Live, Developer TiMi Studio Group has announced that the classic FPS Delta Force is being rebooted for modern platforms. The first game in the series launched way back in 1998, and it sounds like this new Delta Force will take inspiration from the ’98 original while mixing in new references.

Speaking to IGN, the team touched on how it wants to fuse the spirit of the original with modern ideas and sensibilities:

“Our objective is to uphold the authentic essence of the original Delta Force game while infusing a near-future flavor from both artistic and narrative perspectives.

We hope to show the evolution of these features, while carrying on the legacy of the gameplay pillars. That’s why we decided to reboot the Delta Force franchise. We’re proud to carry on that tradition and create a large, dangerous, and unpredictable world, where you need to complete various missions, face challenges, and earn rewards.”

It sounds like the new game will contain hefty single-player and multiplayer modes, with TiMi saying that the campaign is largely based on the events of ‘Black Hawk Down’; the 2001 film. We’ll have to wait and see how that will work in the context of a video game.

In truth though, we’re most excited to see how the game’s multiplayer will hit in the modern online FPS landscape. Can it take on the likes of Call of Duty and Battlefield? Only time will tell, but this first teaser is looking promising, and it sounds like we’ll see a whole lot more during Gamescom Opening Night Live next week.

Did you play any of the old Delta Force games? Looking forward to this one? Let us know down below!


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