Former Linus Tech Tips employee alleges sexual misconduct amid ongoing controversy

Former Linus Tech Tips employee alleges sexual misconduct amid ongoing controversy

Linus Tech Tips, one of the biggest tech YouTubers in the world, is battling ongoing controversy following the exposure of multiple inaccuracies in their videos and the blatant mishandling of a Billet Labs’ Monoblock.

The controversy began when competing tech channel Gamers Nexus posted a 45-minute video exposing a collection of poor reporting by Linus Media Group, the parent company managing the multiple channels that fall under its umbrella. The examples brought forward by Gamers Nexus ranged from tragically incorrect benchmark results for GPUs, temperature testing for hardware, unfair review processes, and more. Gamers Nexus proposed that Linus is prioritizing quantity and the bottom line of his channels over quality videos.

An apology video was posted to the Linus Tech Tips YouTube channel addressing the allegations against the quality of their videos. On the same day the apology video was posted, former Linus Tech Tips employee Madison Suop took to her personal X account to outline her experience working at the company. Soup wrote that she quit her role at LTT over egregious working standards and a toxic work environment, which was ruining her mental health.

Suop alleges that she was “consistently belittled by certain members of upper management. My work was called “dogshit” and I was called “incompetent“.”

Additionally, Suop alleges that she had been “inappropriately grabbed multiple times in the office, amongst other issues. I was barred from being in videos. So when you ask what happened? Why wasn’t she in more content?

There is this perplexing fear that people will leave LTT and start their own thing if given a platform. So if that platform could threaten negative things coming out about your company or you, you’d probably want to squash it too,” wrote Suop.

Check out the full story on Suop’s personal X account.

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