Free game: 2021 GOTY contender is available to play now for nothing

Free game: 2021 GOTY contender is available to play now for nothing

Xbox, you’re spoiling us with the latest Free Play Days.

From 17 August until 20 August, several exceptional games, not least of all being the adrenaline pumping Forza Horizon 5. We mean no disrespect to other games you can test drive this weekend, but let’s be honest, FH5 is the title everyone is most amped up for.

Put pedal to the metal with our FH5 gameplay preview!

When it dropped in 2021, it was a strong contender for the Game of The Year, though it didn’t quite soar to those dizzying heights. Although it didn’t walk away with the official crown, it’s still popular with many gamers who have such a desperate need for speed they consume all racing games in their path.

Seeing as Microsoft is about to transfer Xbox Live Gold members over to Game Pass Core members, an all-access pass to its “advanced multiplayer network” and “exclusive member deals”, it’s interesting to see FH5 as a free game. Arguably, it was a vital title in terms of Xbox’s vision for party gaming. Thus, FH5 and the changeover to Game Pass Core on 14 September isn’t just fitting, it’s well timed.

Even though Forza Horizon will be the main selling point of this event, there’s also The Knight Witch, Let’s Build a Zoo, and Blasphemous to play as well. Out of this decent list, it’s Blasphemous that has the best rating from players, with it currently holding steady at four and a half stars. Not even FH5 has that, ranked at just three stars. Oof, tough crowd.

During Free Play Days, not only are the games free to play (duh), they’re also available to purchase at a heavily discounted price. It would appear that Xbox have mastered the art of enticing susceptible gamers in with a freebie that they know we’ll be too weak to ignore once we see a sale is on.

Make sure to check out the free games before 20 August so you don’t get charged for the privilege.

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