Friday briefing: Ukraine counteroffensive; Yellowknife evacuation; mortgage rates; Bradley Cooper; Crooked House pub; and more


U.S. intelligence says Ukraine won’t meet the key goal of its offensive.

  • The goal: To retake the southeastern city of Melitopol. It’s a vital transit hub that allows Russia to move troops and equipment from Crimea to other occupied territories.
  • The problem: Minefields will stop Ukraine from reaching the city, an intelligence assessment said.
  • Why it matters: If the assessment is correct, it will raise questions about why an offensive backed by tens of billions of dollars of Western weapons fell short.


A wildfire in Canada has triggered a race to evacuate an entire city.


Mortgage rates have reached the highest point since 2002.

  • How high? The average 30-year fixed loan hit 7.09% yesterday. Rates have more than doubled in the past 18 months. Higher rates can add hundreds of dollars to monthly payments.
  • Why? The Federal Reserve has repeatedly increased interest rates in an attempt to fight inflation. Mortgage rates tend to rise with these increases.


President Biden is hosting Japan’s and South Korea’s leaders today.


This fall is shaping up to be a chaotic time for vaccinations.

Bradley Cooper’s fake nose in a Leonard Bernstein movie is being criticized.

Mystery surrounds the burning of England’s “wonkiest” pub.

And now … what to watch this weekend: “Blue Beetle,” the latest DC Comics movie, is in theaters. On Sunday: It’s the women’s World Cup final.

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