Google Keep text formatting starts rolling out on Android

Google Keep text formatting starts rolling out on Android

Over a year after we first spotted work on the feature, Google Keep for Android is finally rolling out the ability to format text.

After getting enabled earlier this week, text formatting is starting to roll out (via Mishaal Rahman). Once available on your device, you’ll encounter a “New! Format your text in new notes” prompt on the homepage: “Enhance your new notes on Android with text formatting. In the coming weeks, it’ll also be enabled on existing notes.” 

The notes toolbar will feature a new underlined “A” icon after the “plus” and Background options. This will open a bar that starts with Heading 1 (H1), Heading (H2), and the existing “Aa” default. You then have Bold, Italics, Underlined, and Strikethrough. The formatting behavior is pretty standard and in line with other text editors.

Google Keep format text

Text formatting has been spotted going live with Google Keep 5.23.322.05. That version is not yet widely rolled out via the Play Store, while there’s a server-side component to availability as well. We’re not yet seeing it yet on several devices we checked today.

Of note, this will first be available to new notes before becoming on existing ones. The introductory prompt only references the Android app. 

This should have always been an option for users that want it, but one of Google Keep’s charms is simplicity. Hopefully, text pasted from other sources is handled gracefully.

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