Google Tests an AI Assistant That Offers Life Advice – Slashdot

Google Tests an AI Assistant That Offers Life Advice – Slashdot





from the closer-look dept.

Google is evaluating tools that would use AI to perform tasks that some of its researchers have said should be avoided. From a report: Earlier this year, Google, locked in an accelerating competition with rivals like Microsoft and OpenAI to develop A.I. technology, was looking for ways to put a charge into its artificial intelligence research. So in April, Google merged DeepMind, a research lab it had acquired in London, with Brain, an artificial intelligence team it started in Silicon Valley. Four months later, the combined groups are testing ambitious new tools that could turn generative A.I. — the technology behind chatbots like OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s own Bard — into a personal life coach.

Google DeepMind has been working with generative A.I. to perform at least 21 different types of personal and professional tasks, including tools to give users life advice, ideas, planning instructions and tutoring tips, according to documents and other materials reviewed by The New York Times. The project was indicative of the urgency of Google’s effort to propel itself to the front of the A.I. pack and signaled its increasing willingness to trust A.I. systems with sensitive tasks. The capabilities also marked a shift from Google’s earlier caution on generative A.I. In a slide deck presented to executives in December, the company’s A.I. safety experts had warned of the dangers of people becoming too emotionally attached to chatbots.

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