Gorgeous Upcoming Skyrim Special Edition Apotheosis Expansion Mod Receives Lengthy Teaser Trailer

Gorgeous Upcoming Skyrim Special Edition Apotheosis Expansion Mod Receives Lengthy Teaser Trailer

The upcoming ambitious Skyrim Special Edition Apotheosis expansion mod has received a lengthy new trailer.

Some of you might remember this mod from some years ago. In 2017, we already reported on this upcoming DLC-sized mod for the standard version of Skyrim. The team behind the project has now released a new teaser trailer for the fan expansion as well as confirming that the mod is slated for a release on PC in 2025. Not only has the team confirmed its new release frame, but it has also been revealed that the mod is now in development for Skyrim Special Edition instead of the standard version of The Elder Scrolls V. In addition, the ambitious expansion has received a brand-new website, which can be accessed here. You can find the new Apotheosis developer update which includes the new teaser trailer below. We’ve also included some great-looking screenshots. More screenshots can be found on the mod’s website as linked above.




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On the expansion’s ModDB page, the team also explains the switch to Skyrim Special Edition engine: “SSE has a better engine, more stability, better lighting and shader techniques and performance allowing us to create denser, more visually striking environments, as well as more robust support in terms of community frameworks”, the team behind the expansion writes. “The Creation Kit for SE is also more stable.”

For those who aren’t aware of this aspiring fan expansion, Apotheosis is a dark fantasy, story-rich, open-world DLC-sized mod for The Elder Scrolls V. It’s set across the 17 Planes of Oblivion, and ‘Dreamsleeve’, in an echo of a fallen world.

“Reawaken, Dragonborn, Ysmir, Dragon of the North; ride forth and reclaim the shattered heart of the world, in a tale of loss, our sense of self, free will, and the ultimate price of power”, the mod’s description reads on the Apotheosis website. “You start in the Dreamsleeve, in a twisted fallen world, stranded at the far end of time. Heed the call of Kyne, Goddess of Storms and Widow of Shor. Take up arms and overcome the very grips of death. Or is it your fate to become a memory, faded and scattered to the winds of time?”

As said, the Skyrim Special Edition Apotheosis expansion mod is coming to PC in 2025. The mod won’t be released on consoles due to Xbox size restrictions. For more information about this expansion, be sure to check out its website as mentioned above.

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