Intel claims 19% GPU driver average FPS improvement since launch, Intel’s new PresentMon Beta released –

Intel claims 19% GPU driver average FPS improvement since launch, Intel’s new PresentMon Beta released –

Arc A750 sees 19% improvement in DX11 games

Intel is sharing some new data on the new GPU driver that was just released last week. 

Arc driver updates, Source: Intel

Intel has recently released new drivers for its Arc Alchemist graphics cards, which promises to improve performance and reduce frame time in some DirectX 11 games by using a whitelist approach. Interestingly, this wasn’t specified in the release notes, as we are only learning about this from the Intel blog. This driver follows the important DX9 driver from a few months ago, which provided a noticeable performance boost across many older games.

In DirectX11 games, the company claims that their recent drivers see a 19% average FPS improvement since the launch driver for Arc A750 GPU. On average, the card should also see 20% smooth delivery, which is demonstrated by 99% frame time percentiles which are much smoother than initial drivers.

Average FPS improvement, Source: Intel

There is however an important catch, this driver only works for certain games that are whitelisted by Intel. While it is possible to manually change the settings, Intel is still verifying how this new driver DX11 optimizations work across other games. So eventually, the list of supported games may expand.

99% percentile and frame times, Source: Intel

Intel has already released 30 drivers this year with 57 ‘Game On’ optimized titles on launch. This is how Intel defines driver optimizations for certain titles at launch, similar to the NVIDIA Game Ready program. Furthermore, Intel is product to note that XeSS is now available in over 70 games. Worth noting that we rarely see companies show off information about their drivers these days, but Intel clearly had done a lot of work in the last year.

Arc driver updates, Source: Intel

Finally, there is an important release for GPU enthusiasts. Intel has decided to revamp its tool called PresentMon, which is still used by 3rd party software these days. The company has released a new beta of PresentMon which is an enthusiast-friendly tool with a nice overlay. This overall can display data like GPU telemetry with voltage, clocks, or temperatures. It will also plot charts for each metric.

Along with this update, the tool also has a new metric called “GPU Busy” which basically shows how much time the GPU is spending in idle state and how the PC balances between GPU and CPU when displaying games.

Intel PresentMon, Source: Intel

More importantly, PresentMon supports all GPU vendors and number of graphics APIs: DirectX9, 11, 12 and Vulkan. It also supports command line. This tool can be downloaded from this page.

Source: Intel

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