Is Starfield Single-Player or Multiplayer? Answered

Is Starfield Single-Player or Multiplayer? Answered

Here’s everything you need to know about Starfield’s single-player and multiplayer options.

Bethesda’s upcoming space-exploration RPG Starfield offers players a massive volume of planets and systems to discover. With thousands of planets and hundreds of systems available, many players might wonder whether they can team up with friends in online multiplayer to explore space together cooperatively.

In reality, the vastness of space might seem an isolating prospect. Yet, Starfield‘s depiction of space exploration looks anything but lonely, with confirmed planets featuring diverse biomes, bustling cities like Akila City, numerous factions for players to join, and companions to take on adventures. However, many players might still hope to share their journeys and space stories with friends and wonder whether Starfield is single-player or multiplayer.

Is Starfield Single Player Or Multiplayer?

Starfield Approach To Space

Starfield is a single-player-only game with no multiplayer, so as it currently stands, players won’t be able to play it co-op with friends. Starfield is described as a single-player campaign where players undertake their individual space voyages with a strong emphasis on players creating their unique stories as a player-choice-driven RPG.

As a solo experience, players can decide what type of character they become from their chosen Background, Traits, and more. Players also get to decide who they associate with and who they bring along for the adventure. Although multiplayer is not a feature, many players may still be excited to learn Starfield features over 20 named crew members. This means that players’ spaceships can be brimming with life and activity, as players can recruit over 20 crewmates to join their ships.

Will Starfield Add Co-Op Multiplayer?

A player standing with a companion in Starfield

Although Starfield is a single-player experience, there is still hope for Starfield‘s multiplayer. There is the possibility that multiplayer could be added in the future, depending on how the game does and how it’s received. However, this is purely speculative, and whether Starfield ever adds multiplayer remains to be seen.

Despite several ways co-op could benefit Starfield, players can still explore the far reaches of space with their choice of recruitable NPC companions, including several romanceable characters for players who enjoy romance options in RPGs. Players may also encounter inhabited planets and can opt to join one of the game’s many different factions, such as Constellation, the last group of true space explorers seeking to solve the mysteries of the universe, the Crimson Fleet, and more.

Starfield will be available for Xbox Series X|S and Windows PCs on September 6, 2023.

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