LG just rolled out a $1,000 briefcase TV, and it’s weirdly compelling

LG just rolled out a $1,000 briefcase TV, and it’s weirdly compelling

If you’ve ever wanted to take your TV camping, to the beach, or into your backyard, LG may have just the thing for you.

Called the StanbyME Go, LG’s new device is essentially a portable monitor built into a hard shell briefcase. It has a 27-inch LED touchscreen, built-in battery, and 20-watt speakers. There’s also a built-in handle for carrying, and a stand on which the screen can be raised, lowered, tilted and rotated – and it works in either portrait or landscape mode. On a full charge, the battery lasts for three hours. 

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The announcement comes just days after LG announced another television innovation, a wireless TV.   

At launch, the StanbyME Go will cost $1,000. You can see it here. 

The TV runs on LG’s own webOS software, and supports AirPlay 4, plus screen mirroring with both Android and iOS. It also pairs with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. You’ll be able to install your favorite streaming apps directly to the operating system, with no need for another streaming device. If you need a direct wired input, like for a video game console, there is a single HDMI port. 

And before you worry about missing out on the technology you love on your television, the StandbyME Go supports Dolby Vision video and Dolby Atmos surround sound.

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David Park, head of HE Product Marketing at LG, said the company’s new screen would “make the full-scale viewing experience travel-friendly.” Previously, he said, consumers had to either choose screen size or portability. Now, they have a relatively large-screen and portable option for streaming video or music, gaming, or working remotely. 

LG is currently taking preorders on its site for the StandbyME Go, with the devices expected to ship later this month. If you order before Aug. 27, LG is offering a free XBoom 360 Bluetooth speaker. 


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