Microsoft’s Upcoming Event Might Include New Surface PCs

Microsoft’s Upcoming Event Might Include New Surface PCs

A few weeks earlier than we’d usually expect.


We’re in the second half of the year, which means it’s almost time for new Surface computers. The last batch was announced in October last year, when we saw the company announce the Surface Laptop 5 and the Surface Pro 9. And since these computers release yearly, it’s almost time for a new generation of Surface hardware, and Microsoft may have just given us the date for the big day.

Microsoft’s next big hardware event will be held on September 21st, a few weeks earlier than expected given how these events are usually held in October. For this event, Microsoft is expected to announce a range of new computers, including the Surface Go 4, the Surface Laptop Studio 2, and the Surface Laptop Go 3. We’ll know this for sure whenever the event does happen, but right now it’s looking pretty promising. Microsoft could also announce details about what will end up being the next big Windows 11 update — we already know some of the features that it might bring, such as native support for RAR files, so there might not be much in the way of things we don’t know right now, but this might be when these changes actually roll out to stable users rather than just Insiders.

This event will be important because it will be the first after Microsoft decided to revamp its hardware portfolio after a series of layoffs. The company shrunk the amount of hardware it makes and sells, in an effort to focus, first and foremost, on Surface-branded products. The company discontinued things such as Microsoft-branded keyboards and mice, and we’re definitely curious to see whether Microsoft is planning to launch any more first-party peripherals at all. Microsoft also makes Surface-branded keyboards, mice, and other peripherals, and whether those will be affected by this cutback is not clear as of now.

Given all of this, it’s sure looking like we’re in for an interesting event. It’s due a little over a month from now, and the rumor mill might go wild as we near the date. Keep an eye out on our website for our coverage on the shiny new products whenever they are announced.

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