MW3 beta: Release dates, PlayStation-exclusive, pre-orders, and more

MW3 beta: Release dates, PlayStation-exclusive, pre-orders, and more

Call of Duty fans and gamers everywhere will soon be able to try out the new Modern Warfare 3 in the weeks ahead of the game’s official release on Nov. 10 thanks to the open beta that has been confirmed by Activision.

The CoD beta has become a yearly rite of passage for players looking to get a taste of the new experience in the series. It gives a glimpse of what’s to come, including a selection of weapons, modes, operators, and general gameplay sense for those looking to hop in early or try and see if they want to pick up the new game.

The beta usually comes with some exclusive rewards, too, like player emblems or player cards—and in the case of the Modern Warfare 2’s beta, several weapon blueprints that were available at the game’s launch.

Here’s everything we know so far about the MW3 beta and when it can be played.

CoD's Ghost character in an elevated position, looking below.
Image via Activision

The first MW3 beta will begin on Oct. 6 on PlayStation only, according to reports from Bloomberg and leaks like the tweet below posted by a content creator named Ryan Alexander, who claims to have been shown the info from a game shop employee.

There’s been no official announcement of the MW3’s beta dates just yet, but some leaks have given us an idea of when the beta will take place, so CoD fans are likely looking to clear their schedule for the beginning of the month of October.

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The beta on all platforms (PlayStation, Xbox, and PC) is set to begin the following weekend on Oct. 11 for early access by pre-ordering, followed by the open beta beginning on Oct. 12, according to the leaks.

This isn’t official information yet. Activision will likely announce the official dates for the MW3 beta in the weeks ahead, alongside some kind of multiplayer reveal, as has been the case for CoD titles in previous years.

Since basically every other leak that has come out about the game has come true, however, we wouldn’t be surprised if these dates end up being confirmed very soon. So, put in your requests for paid time off now while you can.

Players can secure access to the beta by pre-ordering MW3, either the base edition or the Vault Edition. This guarantees early access, on Oct. 6 for PlayStation and Oct. 11 for all platforms. For those not looking to pre-order, the open beta will follow those dates.

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