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New to NBA 2K24 is the Season Pass, a battle pass-like structure that will be available for MyTeam and MyCareer. 2K players can pay to get access to additional rewards in the title, a notion that’s not sitting well with the community.

On August 15, 2K detailed some of the new gameplay changes that are coming to 2K24. Two days later, the developers made another reveal.

This one, however, has not gone over well.

2K confirmed that a new battle pass system is headed to 2K24, one that will see added microtransactions inserted into MyTeam and MyCareer.

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NBA 2K24 still2K

NBA 2K24 to pivot to Battle Pass system

On August 17, the NBA 2K team announced that a Season Pass system is coming to 2K24.

For 2K24, the Seasonal progression system for both MyCareer and MyTeam will coalesce into one linear path. Individuals will be able to unlock Level rewards in both MyCareer and MyTeam for hitting a certain tier, but only one free one.

2K will implement a Premium Battle Pass with two tiers: a Pro Pass ($9.99) and a Hall of Fame Pass ($19.99). Those who purchase either of the two will be able to unlock 40 additional Premium rewards, while Hall of Fame Pass owners will be able to receive an additional Season Pass reward plus XP boosts and 10 Level Skips.

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Season Pass structure in NBA 2K242K

Level skips will also be available to purchase for $1.99.

Per 2K, Season Pass reward progress will end at the conclusion of each Season. Season Pass rewards will refresh with every season.

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In response, many players expressed frustration over 2K doubling-down on microtransactions.

The same could be said on Reddit. One 2K community member’s stated in response to the Season Pass that this feature should not be implemented in a non-free-to-play title.


Please no one buy this please 🙏🏽

— Aadan (@JMurrayWrld) August 17, 2023

“This new [Season] pass IS ONLY justified if the game is F2P… if things don’t change, we go over [2K] and to Adam Silver and start tugging on his jacket about how greedy the ONLY NBA basketball game is becoming and ruining the image of the sport.”

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Others, on the other hand, stated that there’s one reason why 2K is trying this.

One community member wrote, “They bought the NBA rights. They are the only sim-based NBA basketball game title out there at the moment. No competition means they get to set the rules, no matter how ridiculous it is, because we have no alternative to playing sim NBA games anymore.”

Another added, “Cause they know people will buy it.”

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