New Google listing gives us our most official look at Pixel Watch 2 specs yet

New Google listing gives us our most official look at Pixel Watch 2 specs yet

We’ve heard most of this before, but not from a Google source

Leaks around Google’s upcoming Pixel Watch 2 are heating up. Google is yet to publicly confirm that its first smartwatch is getting a sequel at all, but this morning, as reported by 9to5Google, a smartwatch under codename Eos showed up in an official Android developer resource, seemingly confirming a number of high-level details about the wearable’s hardware and software. There are no bombshell revelations here, but given the source on this info is Google itself, it’s the most credible information about the Pixel Watch 2 we’ve seen so far.

Under its codename, Eos, the Pixel Watch 2 appeared today in the Google Play Console device catalog, an official resource for Android developers that provides insight about which devices their apps are compatible with. The listing doesn’t contain any particularly juicy new info, mostly confirming details we’ve heard in prior leaks. According to the device catalog entry, the Pixel Watch 2 will come with Android 13-based Wear OS 4, two gigabytes of RAM, and a “Qualcomm SW5100” chipset — likely the Snapdragon W5 Gen 1.

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The Google Pixel Watch 2’s specs, as spotted on the Google Play Console device catalog. Source: 9to5Google

The listing also seemingly confirms that the Pixel Watch 2’s screen will be the same size and resolution as the first generation’s, clocking in at an identical resolution of 384×384 at the same density of 320 pixels per inch. 9to5 notes that the display will likely be made by Samsung, though, which should represent an upgrade in quality over the original’s BOE-manufactured panel.

We’ve been expecting to see the Pixel Watch 2 make its first official appearance at a Google event alongside the Pixel 8 series this fall. This new development doesn’t outright confirm that suspicion, but evidence is definitely mounting. At this rate, we could start seeing official Pixel Watch 2 teasers any time now.

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