Out of the Ordinary: Regulatory Database Unveils iPhone 15s in Unanticipated Setting

In the vast world of technology, rarely does a product go unnoticed before its official launch, and even less so when we’re talking about the iPhone, one of the most iconic and anticipated devices of the year. However, this time, the location where the iPhone 15 has been discovered is surprising. Instead of the usual leaks coming from China, it appears that India is now the stage for these early revelations.

A curious, though expected, change of preference

Recently, the website MySmartPrice, via MacRumors, identified an Apple device in the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) database with the model number A3094. For those closely following the brand’s releases, these numbers are typically not arbitrary. In fact, considering that the iPhone 14 has model numbers ranging from A2649 to A2882, it’s easy to speculate that the mysterious A3094 could belong to the upcoming iPhone 15. This would mark the first official sighting of the said device.

This discovery gains even more significance when we consider recent reports from Bloomberg. According to the outlet, production of the iPhone 15 has begun in India, marking a historic shift from Apple’s tradition of initiating iPhone production in China. Connecting the dots, it’s highly likely that the device registered with the BIS is indeed the iPhone 15 currently in full production.

Why this change? An official reason hasn’t been provided so far, but trade tensions and a drive for supply chain diversification may have prompted Apple to explore options beyond China. India has been emerging as a promising possibility for years, and this year’s initial leak in this direction clearly demonstrates it.

In the meantime, we anticipate that the announcement date for this year’s iPhones will be Tuesday, September 12th, so we’ll soon have all the details about these highly anticipated phones.

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