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Most Pokemon Go players have been unable to find Routes and Zygarde Cells in the mobile game. But a few players have revealed some useful tricks that can help you unlock them easily.

The Routes feature in Pokemon Go received a lot of criticism because of its inaccessibility and lack of clarity about its usage. Players are eager to use Routes as it helps them find Zygarde Cells and obtain the final form of the Legendary Pokemon Zygarde in the game.

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While Routes creation is available more widely now, players are scratching their heads in trying to figure out how they can find Routes and its rewards including Zygarde Cells. However, a Pokemon Go player’s Reddit post about not finding Routes prompted players to share some simple but clever tricks to find Routes and Zygarde Cells.

After Pokemon Go player u/TheZenXilin asked “Who has actually found a route?” many Reddit users shared their experience, offering tips to find both Routes and Zygarde Cells.

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While some Pokemon Go players could relate to the OP’s concern, others wrote how they managed to find Routes as well as Zygarde Cells in the game. One of them suggested checking out “highly populated areas and/or fun areas: parks, malls, downtowns, main streets, hiking paths.”

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However, the more interesting trick was about visiting places that had ‘loops’ in the location. A player recommended: “Find a local park, preferably with some kind of walkway that loops. I’ve been able to find a few in places like that.”

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Another added, “There’s one route I know of near me, just 20 minutes out of the way by car in a major city. It’s a loop around the outside of a parking lot.”

Coming to the seemingly more difficult task of finding Zygarde Cells, one player commented, “If you stop like 100m before the end of the route and restart your game, one will pop up when the game comes back. Worked 5 out of 5 times so far for me.”

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From other similar comments, it looks like Zygarde Cells appear near the end of the Route and players will need to restart the app to find them.

It appears that collecting Zygarde Cells is meant to be a challenging task in Pokemon Go. But with the Routes creation feature rolling out to more players, you can expect to come across Routes more easily than before and find Zygarde Cells by following the tricks mentioned.

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