Samsung is reportedly ‘testing’ a Galaxy Z Flip 6 with a drastically upgraded camera

Samsung is reportedly ‘testing’ a Galaxy Z Flip 6 with a drastically upgraded camera

So how is your brand-new Galaxy Z Flip 5 treating you? Are you enjoying its massive cover screen… despite not being able to do and view as much stuff on it as you may have hoped? Is the improved hinge everything you ever dreamed of? Are you ready to start thinking about the Galaxy Z Flip 6 yet?

Regardless of your answer to the latter question, we sure are ready to start talking about Samsung‘s next big clamshell smartphone, which is obviously around a year away from a commercial release. 

That’s not stopping rumormongers from doing what they do best, and as is often the case this early in a handset’s development process, the first insider predictions are rather optimistic and encouraging.

Everything and anything could still change

Before we even get to the core of GalaxyClub’s speculation today (translated here), a quick word of caution: this is an extremely reliable publication with generally trustworthy sources on the inside, but right now, odds are that absolutely nobody at Samsung knows for certain how the Z Flip 6 will materialize in the summer of 2024.

That’s because companies tend to try out multiple prototypes with many different components and specs before ultimately settling on a feasible design with the best quality/price ratio as far as production is concerned.

One “early” Galaxy Z Flip 6 version is purportedly being tested with a 50MP primary rear-facing camera, which could mean everything… or nothing at all in terms of the phone’s final capabilities.

The Z Flip 5, mind you, comes with a pretty modest (by 2023 ultra-high-end standards, at least) 12MP main shooter slapped on its back alongside a secondary 12MP ultra-wide-angle sensor. That was the exact same imaging setup of the Z Flip 4, Z Flip 3, Z Flip 5G, and even the original Z Flip from all the way back in early 2020, which strongly suggests a “real” upgrade in this department is long overdue.

Granted, megapixel counts don’t always tell the full real-life photography performance story, but despite Samsung’s best hardware and software improvement efforts, there was only so much the company could do with a 12MP sensor.

A 50MP camera should easily and drastically boost the imaging skills of Samsung’s top flip phone, most likely bringing them in line with (or at least very close to) the Galaxy Z Fold 5‘s capabilities. Of course, the Z Fold 5 rocks three rear-facing snappers, and if the Z Flip 6 will indeed upgrade its primary camera, we highly doubt the addition of a tertiary sensor is also in the pipeline.

What else do we know about the Galaxy Z Flip 6?

In short, nothing. Technically, we don’t “know” if the Z Flip 6 will borrow its 50MP main cam from the Z Fold 5 either, but the rest of the specs and features are even more of a mystery.

If we were to make a few educated guesses and hopeful projections, we’d probably expect to see a better front-facing camera and at least a slightly larger battery with faster charging on this thing compared to the already pretty great but far from perfect Galaxy Z Flip 5.

The Galaxy Z Fold 6 is similarly covered in secrecy, although its own rumor games have actually begun almost a month ago. Samsung itself spurred some juicy gossip by confirming ongoing work on (official) dust resistance, which may or may not make it to market in time for this bad boy’s release next year.

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