Samsung rumored to be working on 1-inch and 440MP camera sensors

Samsung rumored to be working on 1-inch and 440MP camera sensors

Last updated: August 18th, 2023 at 09:18 UTC+02:00

Samsung is among the world’s top two mobile camera sensor brands, and it has made some impressive camera sensors over the past few years. After launching its first 200MP camera sensor last year, the company is looking to expand its horizon by launching a whopping 440MP camera sensor, among others.

ISOCELL GN6 could be Samsung’s first 1-inch camera sensor

According to tipster Revegnus (@Tech_Reve), Samsung is working on three new camera sensors: 50MP ISOCELL GN6, 200MP ISOCELL HP7, and 440MP ISOCELL HU1. The ISOCELL GN6 appears to be a continuation of the excellent ISOCELL GN1 and ISOCELL GN2 camera sensors, featuring a large 1.6μm pixel size (before pixel binning). That’s an upgrade over the ISOCELL GN2’s 1.4µm pixel size and much bigger than the ISOCELL GN5’s 1µm pixel size. If this information is correct, the ISOCELL GN6 could be Samsung’s biggest and first 1-inch type camera sensor to rival Sony’s IMX989 sensor. It would be perfectly suitable for flagship smartphones.

The 200MP ISOCELL HP7 camera sensor the rumor talks about reportedly features an individual pixel size of 0.6µm. The pixel size is exactly similar to the 200MP ISOCELL HP2 camera sensor used in the Galaxy S23 Ultra. It means the ISOCELL GN6 is a successor to the sensor used in the Galaxy S23 Ultra, and it could come with some improvements. The ISOCELL HP7 could be used in high-end and higher mid-range smartphones.

ISOCELL HU1 could be Samsung’s first 440MP camera sensor

The 440MP ISOCELL HU1 camera sensor that Samsung is reportedly working on could be even bigger than the 1-inch ISOCELL GN6. However, we still don’t know whether it is meant to be used in smartphones or cars with driving assistance features. Remember, Samsung’s camera sensors are used in mobile devices as well as modern cars with advanced assisted driving features. The South Korean firm had revealed in the past that it wants to develop camera sensors with a resolution as high as 600MP.

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