Take-Two Removes AI Mod for GTA 5 That Allows Players to Chat With NPCs

Take-Two Removes AI Mod for GTA 5 That Allows Players to Chat With NPCs

Take-Two Interactive has removed the Sentient Streets mod for GTA 5, which allowed players to have real-time conversations with NPCs using AI.

Take-Two Interactive, the publisher of Grand Theft Auto V, has removed a popular mod named Sentient Streets that allowed players to engage in real-time, open-ended conversations with NPCs.

As per Video Games Chronicle, Sentient Streets was created by a veteran modder known as Bloc, the mod leveraged more than 30 AI models to enable interactive dialogues with various characters within the game. Despite its widespread popularity, Take-Two took down the mod from the Nexus Mods website and had the YouTube video demonstrating it removed. In response, Bloc also pulled the mod from the GTA5Mods site to avoid further complications.

Sentient Streets offered a unique and immersive experience within the GTA 5 environment, allowing players to converse with characters like eccentric cult members, cunning police officers, and unsuspecting civilians. By approaching an NPC and using the microphone, players could ask questions, and the AI-powered officer would interpret and respond accordingly. Each officer was even given a unique personality trait such as being friendly, tough, or flirty.

In a message posted on YouTube, Bloc expressed frustration over Take-Two‘s actions, claiming that the company had not contacted him before issuing a copyright strike and removing the video. “Yesterday, Take-Two Interactive hit my channel with a copyright strike about my video on GTA V mod, and YouTube removed the video immediately without giving any chance to explain myself,” Bloc stated.

The Mod’s Removal Is Questioned by Its Creator

He went on to question why the video was taken down when many other GTA 5 videos exist, adding, “Unfortunately, this seems to look like an excuse to attack and take a stance against the mod. Which is somewhat puzzling to me, considering that the mod itself is both free and open-source. The mod is available at two separate locations for download, where you don’t even need to register on those pages to be able to download it. The mod can be played freely without any cost, as demonstrated by the thousands of players who have downloaded and enjoyed it thus far. The mod does not utilize any voices from Grand Theft Auto nor does it distribute anything it shouldn’t.”

“I am hoping that anyone who enjoyed this mod will remember this dishonest action taken by Take-Two whenever they hear any news about Rockstar. Rather than chasing small mods, perhaps they should focus on creating proper remakes with better pricing policy or should stop removing cars from GTA Online to sell those same cars to people,” Bloc concluded.

Source: Video Games Chronicle

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