Tesla Says It Will Build New ‘First of Its Kind’ Data Centers – Slashdot

Tesla Says It Will Build New ‘First of Its Kind’ Data Centers – Slashdot





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Tesla is hiring staff for the company’s new “first of its kind” data centers. Electrek reports: Tesla has shared a new job posting for a “Sr. Engineering Program Manager, Data Center” role first spotted by Electrek last week. In the job posting, Tesla says that it will build “1st of its kind Data Centers”: “This role will lead the end-to-end design and engineering of Tesla’s 1st of its kind Data Centers and will be one of the key members of the factory engineering team.” Tesla didn’t explain how those data centers will be “1st of their kind,” which is not something you’d expect in a job posting anyway.

But interestingly, the new effort comes as Tesla has been taking over data centers from Twitter. […] The Information reported that Tesla has taken over one of the old Twitter data centers leased from NTT Data that the social media company was using in Sacramento. The report also mentions that Tesla is in talks with Prime Data Centers to use another data center that Twitter used to have in Sacramento.

Tesla is seeing its need for data processing increasing rapidly as it tries to take advantage of its growing fleet of millions of vehicles all equipped with cameras in order to improve the neural nets powering its self-driving effort. The automaker is also handling a growing number of connectivity features that it tries to sell to vehicle owners through a $10-a-month “Premium Connectivity” subscription service. On the energy side, Tesla is also handling a lot of data to operate its virtual power plant and its services to distributed energy assets, like Autobidder and Powerhub.

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