The iPhone 15 may finally bring decent charging speeds up to 35W

The iPhone 15 may finally bring decent charging speeds up to 35W

While not the fastest, it’s at least a little better than the current rate.

Key Takeaways

  • Apple may be increasing the charging speeds with its next-generation iPhones, with some models potentially reaching a maximum of 35W, which is a mild improvement.
  • The inclusion of a USB-C charging port in the iPhone 15 series will be a major feature that will provide faster charging and data speeds and will bring Apple in line with industry standards.
  • While Apple’s adoption of USB-C is a positive step, it still lags behind some Android devices that can charge at much higher speeds.

Apple has slowly adopted faster charging speeds for its smartphones, with the iPhone 14 Pro offering a maximum charging rate that comes in at 27W. But there’s only so much the existing Lightning ports can handle. But it looks like Apple may be giving its next-generation iPhones a boost, with new charging speeds that could top out at 35W.

The news comes from 9to5Mac, with its sources sharing that some of the upcoming iPhones are able to charge up to 35W. This is quite a big deal if you’re looking to purchase the Pro Max model this year, which can take some time to go from zero to full. In addition to faster charging speeds, one of the big features of the iPhone 15 series will be the inclusion of a USB-C charging port.

For a little over a decade, Apple has been using its own proprietary charging standard called Lightning. While this was great when it first launched, the standard has fallen behind over time, with many complaining of its inferior specifications. USB-C has made great strides in the past few years, becoming the go-to for a variety of different devices like smartphones, tablets, and even laptops.

Even Apple’s own devices like the iPad and Mac are using this port, with the iPhone being the only major device to stick to Lightning. Thankfully, things will change for the better with the introduction of USB-C on the new iPhones, and we will see increased charging speeds over time. While 35W is a good start, there are some Android devices that can charge up to 240W. Apple will most likely never push the speeds this high, but at least with USB-C, there are going to be options.

From earlier reports, there is the possibility that charging and data transfer rates will be different depending on the iPhone model. Late last year we reported that while all iPhone 15 models will come with USB-C, only the Pro variants would get enhanced speeds. Of course, we’ll just have to wait and see. Luckily, if rumors are to be believed, we won’t have to wait long to find out, with the iPhone slated to take place towards the beginning of September.

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