Threads adds a repost feed to separate your thoughts from others’

Threads adds a repost feed to separate your thoughts from others’

Reposts will be included in your following feed as well.

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Don’t panic if your Threads profile is looking a little more sparse than you remember. Meta‘s Twitter / X competitor has added a new reposts tab, separating users’ original posts and ones they’ve shared from others. All your reposts are still safe — they’ve just been moved to another tab.

“[W]e’re rolling out a new Reposts tab on your profile so you can see all the threads you reposted in one place,” Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri announced via his Threads account on Thursday. 

Up until now, Threads combined users’ posts and reposts into one thread on their profile, much like Twitter / X. Separating them makes it easier to instantly find users’ original posts without wading through reposts.

However, it’s less of a boon for people who primarily build their Threads profile through content curation rather than creation. As such, some have suggested Threads implement a filter which can be toggled instead of having an entire separate feed for reblogs.

“For those of us too shy to post from scratch but brave enough to express ourselves through reposts, this is not good news,” one Threads user noted. “Reposts are part of what makes up our profile’s personality (just like shared posts on FB), but now the main tab on my profile is almost blank.”

As it stands, it’s likely that more than a few users will use the reblog tab to bookmark threads which they want to return to later. Threads currently has no bookmarking feature, so this new separate tab is the closest thing we have for now.

Even so, it isn’t a perfect bookmarking substitute. Mosseri also announced that Threads will now show reposts in the Following feed, a change prompted by user feedback — and which brings the platform closer to the Twitter / X experience. This means other Threads users won’t just see your reblogs if they go looking on your profile.

So remember: Keep it clean. And as always, don’t reblog or post anything you wouldn’t want your boss or family to see.

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