Twitch Strengthens User Controls With Real-Time Ban Blocking For Streamers – (NASDAQ:AMZN)

Twitch Strengthens User Controls With Real-Time Ban Blocking For Streamers – (NASDAQ:AMZN), Inc.‘s AMZN Twitch introduced a new update to its settings menu that allows live streamers to prevent banned and blocked users from viewing their streams.

The feature can be turned on or off in the creator tools and is expected to roll out to all users in September.

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This update works instantly. For example, if you ban someone mid-stream they will be cut off from the stream immediately. However, this new feature doesn’t stop users from watching archived livestreams (VODs) for now.

Moreover, streaming news reporter Lowco said Twitch addressed inquiries regarding the blocking of logged-out users, stating that they are open to the idea and have intentions to further develop and enhance this capability.

The move came as a response to the issue of harassment in streamer chats, a problem that has plagued the platform for years. Twitch has been improving its AI tools to detect and remove bad actors from the platform, particularly those violating youth safety policies.

In dialogue with Kotaku, a company representative said: “Our approach to safety is community-first, and the Blocked Playback feature is a direct result of input from our community.

“This is by no means an end-state product. We’ll continue to gather feedback and make improvements where needed.”

In related news, Microsoft Corp.‘s MSFT Xbox recently introduced an enforcement strike system as part of its ongoing efforts to promote responsible and respectful behavior within its gaming community.

Under this system, each enforcement issued to players is accompanied by a corresponding strike. The severity of these strikes is determined by the nature and gravity of the offense, and the strikes operate on a tiered suspension structure.

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