Baldur’s Gate 3 ‘Broken’ Monk Build Does Ridiculous Amounts of Damage

Baldur’s Gate 3 ‘Broken’ Monk Build Does Ridiculous Amounts of Damage

A Baldur’s Gate 3 player unlocks the true potential of the Monk by using some powerful magic items and a clever multiclass combo.


  • A Baldur’s Gate 3 fan discovered a powerful Monk build that deals over 300 damage in a single turn.
  • By combining 6 levels of Way of the Open Hand Monk with 3 levels of Thief Rogue, the Monk gains extra bonus actions and can make a total of 8 unarmed strikes per turn.
  • Certain magic items, such as Gloves of Soul Catching, Boots of Uninhibited Kushigo, and Vest of Soul Rejuvenation, further enhance the Monk’s damage potential.

A Baldur’s Gate 3 fan recently discovered an insane Monk build that uses some rare magic items and a few levels in Rogue to deal massive amounts of damage. This powerful Baldur’s Gate 3 build can deal over 300 damage on a given turn with luck on their side.

The Monk is a peerless martial artist, and one of the playable classes in Baldur’s Gate 3. Like its Dungeons and Dragons counterpart, it specializes in mobility, evasion, and hitting enemies repeatedly with unarmed strikes.

However, Baldur’s Gate 3 fan and Redditor OrkoTheMage discovered an incredible combo that unlocked the full potential of their monk. Combining at least six levels of Way of the Open Hand Monk with three levels of the Thief Rogue archetype in Baldur’s Gate 3 gives them two extra bonus actions. This means the Monk can make two attacks as an action, and then use three Ki points to use Flurry of Blows three times for a total of eight unarmed strikes in a single turn. Add the Tavern Brawler feat, which doubles the Strength bonus for unarmed strike attack and damage rolls, and Monks can deal a truly massive amount of damage.

This number can get even higher if players can collect the following magic items from Act 3 in Baldur’s Gate 3:

  • The Gloves of Soul Catching make every unarmed strike deal an extra 1d10 force damage on top of other powerful passives.
  • The Boots of Uninhibited Kushigo add the character’s Wisdom modifier to unarmed strikes.
  • The Vest of Soul Rejuvenation lets one make unarmed strikes against enemies who miss them as a reaction in addition to increasing their defenses.

Plenty of other items in Baldur’s Gate 3, such as the Mask of Soul Perception or the Deathstalker’s Mantle, can also help make this build deal ludicrous amounts of damage. OrkoTheMage reported that, when used alongside items that raised their strength to 22, they could easily deal between 168 and 320 damage a round. Though this combo requires high levels and endgame magic items, players can still deal impressive amounts of damage early on with weaker replacement items, such as The Sparkle Hands or other items that modify unarmed strikes.

OrkoTheMage’s fellow Badlur’s Gate 3 fans were impressed by their Monk build. Attracting thousands of upvotes and over 1,200 comments, the thread quickly became a discussion of the Monk class and the best ways to break it. With tons of unique ideas combining Barbarian Rage and Fighter Action Surge with the class, it is clear the Baldur’s Gate 3 community has no shortage of creativity when it comes to building the perfect Monk.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is available now for PC. The PlayStation 5 version will be available on September 6. A version for Xbox Series X/S is in development.

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