Best Samsung deal: Samsung Galaxy Buds Live earbuds on sale for 50% off

Best Samsung deal: Samsung Galaxy Buds Live earbuds on sale for 50% off

These earbuds are selling for their lowest price ever.

Woman with freckles smiling while wearing the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live in one ear.

This sale definitely gives us a reason to smile.
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SAVE $74.99: As of August 18, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live (in Mystic Red) are on sale for $75 at Amazon, down from their regular price of $149.99. That’s a discount of 50%.

AirPods get all the hype right now, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t alternatives on the market that are just as effective at bringing top-quality sound to your ears. One brand that’s leading the way when it comes to cheaper, yet just as powerful, Bluetooth earbuds is Samsung. And Samsung products often go on sale at Amazon — which just might be your sign to make the switch and save yourself some money.

As of August 18, you can get your very own set of Samsung Galaxy Buds Live (in Mystic Red) for just $75 instead of $149.99. The reason we’re kind of crazy about this deal is that the buds have never sold for a lower price. If you’re looking for the biggest discount, Mystic Red is the best color to get these babies in, since others (like the Mystic Bronze) cost $87.99 right now (which is still a worthwhile discount!).

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live are sure to give you studio-quality sound through their enhanced bass tone play feature. They also come with Active Noise Cancellation (which not all earbuds have, BTW), a feature that’s perfect for those of us who have to deal with busy streets or loud conversations nearby daily. If you happen to have a Galaxy smartphone or tablet, you can control these devices via the buds’ always-on voice assistant function. Plus, their case does double-duty as a wireless charger om-the-go. The design of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live is sleek, minimalistic, and satisfying — so satisfying, in fact, that you might not want to take them off.

Grab this deal on quality earbuds while it lasts.

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