Best Zombie Games On Android

Best Zombie Games On Android


  • There are plenty of zombie games available to play on Android devices.
  • Raging Bytes is a top-down RPG with an engaging dialogue-based story, captivating settings, and spectacular art, reminiscent of retro SNK games.
  • Death Road To Canada is a challenging resource management simulator with brutal RNG.

Since the dawn of time, humanity’s been obsessed with death and what comes after it. Sci-fi stories eventually lead up to the creation of beings that defy logic and wander the Earth as undead beings spreading an infection. Most zombie outbreaks lead up to an impending mass extinction event of an apocalyptic scale.

That’s the perfect setting for a horror video game centered around surviving the said disaster. There are all kinds of zombie games that cover several genres. Some focus on the narrative while others bank on the gameplay they offer. Conveniently, now you have the luxury of playing through cataclysmic events on your own mobile devices. Here are the best zombie games you can play on Android phones.

10 Zombie Gunship Survival

Gameplay Images From Zombie Gunship Survival

Live out your dream of being an American drone operator and take down hordes of zombies from the sky in order to save your human comrades. It’s a unique take on approaching the genre where you customize your aircraft in order to commit to wiping out the danger.

It’s a big game too, and the graphics are stellar for a free game. Your main objective is to help humanity win the war against the undead before it’s too late, and all hope is lost.

9 Raging Bytes

Gameplay Images From Raging Bytes

A story-driven pixilated RPG all about surviving a zombie apocalypse with a top-down perspective revolving around a cop waking up to humanity’s worst nightmare. Your objective is to look for survivors and find a way out of the mess you find yourself in.

The game’s got a few caveats to it when it comes to the turn-based combat segments but the engrossing dialogue-based story and captivating settings more than make up for it. The art is spectacular, and it plays like an SNK game from the retro era.

8 Death Road To Canada

death road to canada hallway and zombies

Form a team, collect the right weapons, and try to survive until most of you wind up making it to safety in Canada. This video game is brutal with its RNG at times and can be considered a challenging resource management simulator but with zombies ready to gnaw at your face.

The Noodlecake port is just as good as the PC version, and you get the same narrative experience with no corners cut. Checking your inventory and switching between characters is easy and pushing through impossible odds can be very rewarding at times too.


Gameplay Images From

A casual game where your precise movements make a difference when it comes to survival. Get waves of zombies thrown at you, some more distinct than others in terms of size and ability, while you navigate through the map and accumulate experience.

With each XP level, you get a power-up that helps you buff up your attacks and abilities. The objective of the game is to survive as long as you can in order to get decent rewards for future runs. It’s somewhat of a rogue-like game.

6 Dead Trigger 2

POV Of The Player Facing Off Against A Giant Monster In Dead Trigger 2

Gory, flashy, and reminiscent of other zombie games you’d find on a console, Dead Trigger 2 is a masterpiece with a large overworld map to engage with and tons of objectives to fulfill for linear progression. The story’s a hit or miss but the combat is certainly engaging.

There are all kinds of different zombies and areas to progress through, also objectives vary enough to keep things fresh even though it takes time to fulfill some missions in order to reach another area.

5 Into The Dead 2

Gameplay Images From Into The Dead 2

You’re probably tired of playing endless runners on your phones at this point but Into The Dead 2 is pretty unique since it makes you run forward into fields filled with zombies ready to pounce at you. Go in guns-a-blazing and mow down as many as you can before you succumb to the horde.

The graphics are nice, the story is decent, especially when compared to the prequel, and the SFX work is engrossing. It’s not complicated at all, the controls are simple and easy to get used to.

4 Infectonator 3: Apocalypse

Gameplay Images From Infectonator 3 Apocalypse

This game is as endearing as it is grotesque at times, Infectonator 3 is a puzzling strategy game where your goal is to spread a zombie infection in order to eventually take over the world. The pixilated aesthetic this game is going for certainly complements the theme.

Not only that, the game has other charms like quirky news segments and quirky zombie types that mirror pop-culture icons. It’s great for a casual offline playthrough and beating the game won’t take too long either.

3 Dead Effect 2

The horror FPS Dead Effect 2

Top-tier voice acting, a thrilling storyline, well-written characters, and captivating graphics aside, Dead Effect 2 is a solid FPS zombie shooter with tight controls and solid foundations. The game plays smoothly and progress is saved on a cloud or locally in order to keep track of your progression.

It’s fun to pick up, but hard to stop playing once you get done with the tutorial. The objective is to navigate your way through a contaminated ship full of zombie-like mutants ready to pounce much like the government that’s hunting you down.

2 Life After

Gameplay Images From Life After

A zombie game on Android with an actual open-world map and a decent arsenal. Even though Life After sounds like some sort of MMO life simulator for people looking to live a second life online, it’s far from that.

It’s an action role-playing game where you have to either pay to win or grind a lot to make any traction, but the slow progression is worth it. What’s better is that you can actually play with your friends and participate in challenges with them. The map is vibrant and full of an assortment of enemies to keep you preoccupied for hours.

1 The Walking Dead: Season One

Clementine leaning against Lee in The Walking Dead

Telltale’s attempt at making a zombie game inspired by The Walking Dead’s universe was a huge risk for the company that paid off due to the fact that the story was exceptional and kept you on the edge of your seat.

This Android port of the first season is equally applaudable for its flawless execution. Clementine’s story is a certified tear-jerker and meshes well with the rest of the well-written cast’s stories. Your choices make all the difference in these games.

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