Genshin Impact – Lynette Character Ascension (& Materials)

Genshin Impact – Lynette Character Ascension (& Materials)

Players will have to farm several materials to fully Ascend Lynette to level 90 in Genshin Impact, and some more to upgrade her abilities.

Farming throughout Fontaine will be necessary to gather all the required materials for Lynette’s character Ascension in Genshin Impact. Even more farming will be demanded if the intention is to fully level both her and her Talents to their maximum. The 4-star character was added to the game with Version 4.0, which introduced the region of Fontaine. Lynette is one of the first regional characters and is Lyney’s sister and an assistant in his magic shows. The character has an Anemo Vision and uses a sword in combat. Lynette is best used as a sub-DPS and support character in a team comp.

By occupying this role in a party, Lynette can be a very useful character to employ to boost the powers of the main DPS and the overall damage output of the team. Of course, to achieve this status it will be necessary to use Lynette’s best build in Genshin Impact, as well as get the materials to fully Ascend and level the character and her Talents. Farming these items may be demanding, as most of them could not be pre-farmed ahead of the release of Version 4.0 and her own debut. This means that the majority of the farming for Lynette in Genshin Impact will have to start from scratch.

Materials To Farm For Lynette’s Ascension In Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact's Lynette with a bright blue light behind her, with a flowing effect in the background.

With the exception of elemental gemstone slivers, fragments, and chunks, the rest of the materials needed for Lynette’s character Ascension are exclusive to Fontaine. The first item set is a local resource called Lumidouce Bell. These items are like small purple fruits that grow off a small tree, similar to the Berries in Genshin Impact’s other regions. As such, they are encountered in groups rather than individually. Lumidouce Bell can be found all throughout Fontaine, but the largest concentrated portion as of Version 4.0 is directly north of the Court of Fontaine – the official name for the main city in the region.

The next items needed for Lynette’s character Ascension are Meshing Gear and its evolved forms, Mechanical Spur Gear and Artificed Dynamic Gear, respectively. These items are also exclusive to Fontaine and only drop from a group of enemies found in the Nation of Hydro. To farm these, it will be necessary to defeat Clockwork Meka, a set of new enemies in Genshin Impact 4.0. These enemies can be found all around Fontaine, always in grounded areas, even if these areas happen to be underwater or underground. A large portion of these materials is required for both Lynette’s Ascension and Talent leveling, so players must be ready to hyperfarm.

Lynette Ascension Materials & Rewards In Genshin Impact

Level Ascension



Level 20 Ascension

  • 1x Vayuda Turquoise Sliver
  • 3x Lumidouce Bell
  • 3x Meshing Gear
  • 20,000x Mora
  • 1x Acquaint Fate

Level 40 Ascension

  • 3x Vayuda Turquoise Fragment
  • 10x Lumidouce Bell
  • 15x Meshing Gear
  • 2x Artificed Spare Clockwork Component – Coppelia
  • 40,000x Mora

Level 50 Ascension

  • 6x Vayuda Turquoise Fragment
  • 20x Lumidouce Bell
  • 12x Mechanical Spur Gear
  • 4x Artificed Spare Clockwork Component – Coppelia
  • 60,000x Mora
  • 1x Acquaint Fate

Level 60 Ascension

  • 3x Vayuda Turquoise Chunk
  • 30x Lumidouce Bell
  • 18x Mechanical Spur Gear
  • 8x Artificed Spare Clockwork Component – Coppelia
  • 80,000x Mora

Level 70 Ascension

  • 6x Vayuda Turquoise Chunk
  • 45x Lumidouce Bell
  • 12x Artificed Dynamic Gear
  • 12x Artificed Spare Clockwork Component – Coppelia
  • 100,000x Mora
  • 1x Acquaint Fate

Level 80 Ascension

  • 6x Vayuda Turquoise Gemstone
  • 60x Lumidouce Bell
  • 24x Artificed Dynamic Gear
  • 20x Artificed Spare Clockwork Component – Coppelia
  • 120,000x Mora

Total Materials

  • 1x Vayuda Turquoise Sliver
  • 9x Vayuda Turquoise Fragment
  • 9x Vayuda Turquoise Chunk
  • 6x Vayuda Turquoise Gemstone
  • 168x Lumidouce Bell
  • 18x Meshing Gear
  • 30x Mechanical Spur
  • 36x Artificed Dynamic Gear
  • 46x Artificed Spare Clockwork Component – Coppelia
  • 420,000x Mora
  • 3x Acquaint Fate

The last main resource needed for Lynette’s character Ascension is called Artificed Spare Clockwork Component – Coppelia. This item can only be acquired from the world boss Icewind Suite, one of the new opponents in Fontaine, and only drops when facing the Dirge of Coppelia version of the fight. Because a large amount is required and each encounter with the boss will only drop a few copies, this fight will have to be repeated several times in order to get Lynette to level 90. This process could take a few days to complete, as farming resources not only demands time but also Genshin Impact’s limited daily Resin resource.

It is extremely important to beat the correct version of the boss. If the Nemesis of Coppelius version is chosen, the desired item will not drop, instead rewarding players with the Artificed Spare Clockwork Component – Coppelius, which is used for the Ascension of other characters, such as Freminet.

All Of Lynette’s Talent Materials In Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact's Lynette holding her top hat in Fontaine.

Ascending and leveling the new character to 90 is the easiest part of the process. The difficult and resource-demanding part starts when farming materials for Lynette’s Talents in Genshin Impact. The first items she will need to level her abilities are Meshing Gear, Mechanical Spur Gear, and Artificed Dynamic Gear. These are the same items used for her Ascension, so they should be farmed abundantly when gathering for her regular leveling. As usual, these items drop from Clockwork Meka enemies all across Fontaine. These opponents can be marked in-game via the Adventurer Handbook function, prompting them to appear on the map.

The next items needed to level Lynette’s Talents are a few regional books introduced with Fontaine. They are Teachings of Order, Guide to Order, and Philosophies of Order. These three items of different tiers can only be farmed in the Chiming Recitation Domain in Genshin Impact, which is located within Fontaine. As a Domain, Resin is required to claim the rewards at the end of the activity. Considering the number of books needed to fully upgrade all of Lynette’s abilities, this Domain will need to be completed a few times. As such, it may take a few days to gather all the required books for the 4-star Fontaine character.

The last farmable item needed for Lynette’s Talents is Everamber. This material is only obtainable from the weekly boss fight against Guardian of Apep’s Oasis in Sumeru. A total of 18 pieces of Everamber are required to fully upgrade all of Lynette’s abilities, so it will be necessary to beat Guardian of Apep’s Oasis in Genshin Impact several times in order to get everything. The required materials needed for all three of Lynette’s Talents are listed in the table below:

Lynette Talent Materials In Genshin Impact

Teachings of Order

  • 9x

Guide to Order

  • 63x

Philosophies of Order

  • 114x

Meshing Gear

  • 18x

Mechanical Spur Gear

  • 66x

Artificed Dynamic Gear

  • 93x


  • 18x

Crown of Insight

  • 3x


  • 4,957,500x

To take abilities from level 9 to 10, Crown of Insight is also needed, but only one per skill. Of course, the amount of all other resources may vary if players unlock certain Constellation levels for Lynette, which can increase the level cap on her Skill and Burst. Even if farming for Lynette may be time-consuming, it is worth it as she excels as a great sub-DPS and support character in Genshin Impact.

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