Hogwarts Legacy 2 should include romance options, fans demand

Hogwarts Legacy 2 should include romance options, fans demand

It’s fair to say that Hogwarts Legacy is the most impressive Wizarding World game to date. That being said, there is major room for improvement.

Hogwarts Legacy exceeded sales expectations by a whopping 256% – and let’s not forget that the Nintendo Switch version is still due to release in November, so that figure will likely only continue to grow. Many have hailed Hogwarts as their favourite video game location, but the remainder of the game’s open world leaves much to be desired. Fans are desperate to explore Diagon Alley or the Black Lake. There’s no morality system, companion system … the list goes on. The foundations are there for a truly spectacular sequel – and fans of the game want that sequel to include romance options too.

Enjoy a tour of Hogwarts Legacy’s four exquisitely detailed house common rooms.

Reddit user bogeyj kicked off the debate, asking fellow fans if they’d like to see romance options in a potential sequel. Note that a sequel hasn’t yet been announced. Judging by the sales figures though, it’s only a matter of time. “I think it would be nice to just go on a few dates. A Yule Ball event where you get to dress up to the nines and do a cute little waltz with your chosen love interest,” pastadudde wrote.

“Agreed! I wished they had a way to develop relationships like in Stardew Valley and unlock certain cutscenes. Go on some fun dates to Hogsmeade or to the Forbidden Forest. Something like a Yule ball would have been fun. They could have been fun optional side quests but not required to complete the main story if you wish not to pursue,” Rebel_Khalessi90 added.

I’m guessing that plenty of you were itching to try and romance Sebastien. For now though, we’ll have to wait for the folks over at Avalanche Software to announce what’s next for the franchise. A sequel? DLC? Surely something is on the way.

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