Hogwarts Legacy: A New Beginning totally changes the feel of the game

Hogwarts Legacy: A New Beginning totally changes the feel of the game

A simple, but effective, mod for Hogwarts Legacy completely changes the visual quality of the game, and dare I say it’s magical.

For all its faults, Hogwarts Legacy is a truly wonderful game, and arguably the best one a fan of Harry Potter can play right now.

Take a look at the trailer for Beyond Hogwarts below

Not only does it feature a highly detailed world to explore, with secrets players are still uncovering months after its release, but it also makes you feel like a student at the legendary School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

That being said, while the majority of fans are happy playing the game as intended on Xbox, PlayStation, and soon to be Nintendo Switch, PC players have gone above and beyond to improve the game with new features.

While all mods range from the weird and wonderful, some go the extra mile to make the game more appealing for the eyes, like A New Beginning – A Reshade Preset, created by Daydreamer2202.

This mod’s description reads: “A simple yet stunning reshade preset that enhances the game and adds more colour and depth to the world. Made with hdr on.”

The results are absolutely jaw-dropping, and it completely alters the visuals of the game to a fantastic degree. Not only does the game look cleaner, but it’s also far more colourful, which does wonders for the Wizarding World’s, at times, dreary colour scheme.

Overall it makes the game feel a little bit more magical than it already did, and it’s definitely a mod worth installing for your first, or repeated playthrough.

The ​New Beginning – A Reshade Preset mod joins a handful of others that make the game much nicer to look at, such as photorealistic mods, Ultra-PC setting mods, and other reshade mods.

Hogwarts Legacy is currently available for Xbox, PlayStation and PC platforms, with a Nintendo Switch port on the way.

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