If you’re experiencing glitchy audio in Madden 24, you’re not alone

If you’re experiencing glitchy audio in Madden 24, you’re not alone

PlayStation 5 and PC Madden 24 players are dealing with annoying popping audio and disappearing sound channels in the game right now. A post on the Madden subreddit says that, during games, the audio is cutting out on half their soundbar, then returning with some static, seemingly happening whenever a play ends and a cutscene shows.

Our own Nilay Patel says he’s having the same issue on his PS5 through a Dolby Atmos rig, even when he switches the output to just stereo. Throughout the Reddit post, other users say they hear loud popping sounds every few seconds or when they pause the game. The sound is apparently bad enough that one user is worried it’s going to damage their sound system by playing the game. Another says the audio is popping and cutting out in the right channel of their headset.

Other issues with the game pissed off Snoop, though his complaints seemed to lie with the server issues during early access:

For PC users at least, someone figured out a hilariously complex workaround that involves turning… basically everything off. I’m not able to test this right now (and Nilay’s got the PS5 version of the game, so he can’t either), but commenters on the video say it works.

We’ve reached out to Electronic Arts to see if it’s working on a fix. We’ll update here if we get a response.

Correction Saturday, August 19th, 2023, 10:24AM ET: This article originally stated Snoop Dogg was upset about the audio issues in the game, but his complaint appears to stem from server issues. We regret the error.

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