Internet Obsessed With Owner Accommodating ‘City Pug’ During Glamping Trip

Internet Obsessed With Owner Accommodating ‘City Pug’ During Glamping Trip

A high-maintenance pug has gone viral online, as his owner shared his endless demands to make a glamping trip bearable.

The hilarious pug, Gus, certainly isn’t keen on camping, and he’s far more comfortable with his usual comforts around him. Sometimes though, Gus doesn’t get a say in the matter, so when his owners dragged him and their Labrador mix, Briggs, out to the countryside, they had to go the extra mile to accommodate his needs.

The owners shared a clip from their trip on TikTok (@goth_pack) showing how they tried to make their “city pug” feel at ease in the middle of nowhere. Importantly, they had to bring plenty of Gus’ toys so he wouldn’t get bored, and he had to be held most of the time, “so he wouldn’t bark.”

Heading out of the city often means making the most of the outdoors and going for lots of hikes—but not for Gus. As soon as the pug was tired out, he had to be carried the rest of the way. Following all that exertion, Gus should definitely have had a healthy appetite, but his owners added that “he didn’t like his camping bowl,” so they had to hand feed him instead.

Stock images of a pug looking unhappy about being outdoors. Gus, the pug, has become a viral sensation for his high-maintenance antics during a recent glamping trip to a cabin.
kendoNice/Getty Images

Since the hilarious video was posted in May, it has generated plenty of attention online, amassing over 9.6 million views and more than 960,000 likes.

It may come as no surprise to see that Gus prefers his home comforts, as pugs are known for being a bit complacent. The American Kennel Club (AKC) explains that pugs much prefer to spend all day curled up on the sofa rather than doing anything too strenuous. That is part of the reason why pugs are often thought of as the perfect house dog, as they don’t need much space to roam around, or much exercise outdoors.

However, the AKC encourages pug owners to ensure their pet gets some moderate exercise every day, either from walks or play sessions outside, to ensure they’re stimulated and active.

While pugs may be one of the smaller breeds available, owners will certainly have their hands full with their personality and temperament. Often considered rather cheeky and full of character, pugs aren’t afraid to be themselves wherever they go, says the AKC– which was perfectly displayed by Gus.

Social media users could not get enough of “Mr. Glamper,” leading to the post accumulating more than 1,200 comments from bemused TikTokers.

One comment read: “This would be me as a dog.”

Another person wrote: “Oh he definitely runs the roost.”

While another comment suggested that Gus is “king of the cabin!”

Newsweek reached out to @goth_pack via TikTok for comment. We could not verify the details of the video.

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