Iron Man’s New Secret Weapon Is One of His Smartest Inventions

Iron Man’s New Secret Weapon Is One of His Smartest Inventions

As Tony Stark finds his own technology used against him, he debuts a new anti-armor ‘weapon’ that shows he occasionally does learn from his mistakes.

Contains Spoilers for Invincible Iron Man #8!There are few parallels to the creative genius of Iron Man in the Marvel Universe, but Tony Stark’s latest invention shows that he has learned from past mistakes, building a weapon that is designed to be used against his own Stark technology if and when it falls into the wrong hands – which of course, it always does.

In Invincible Iron Man #8 – written by Gerry Duggan, drawn by Juan Frigeri, with color by Bryan Valenza, and lettering by Joe Caramagna –Tony once again uses his newest ‘weapon’, a quick-acting foam designed to stop jet propulsion, to take an attacking ‘Stark Sentinel’ out of the sky with ease.

Tony’s Anti-Armor Weapons Come at the Right Time

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Invincible Iron Man sees Tony having lost control of his company, Star Industries, once again, following a hostile takeover engineered by the villain Feilong. Using Tony’s technology, Feilong, part of the anti-Mutant group ORCHIS, has created the Mutant-hunting Stark Sentinels, a blow to both mutantkind and Tony’s reputation. In issue #8, Tony uses his foam anti-propulsion tech to stop one of the Stark Sentinals in mid-flight. Tony notes that this foam was one of the first things he developed after the events of Armor Wars, which saw Iron Man’s technology stolen and used by both armored heroes and villains alike.

Iron Man Will Always be Fighting Against his Own Creations

Tony Stark examines a kidnapping victim in Invincible Iron Man (2022) #1

Part of what makes this foam so admirable as a concept is that it is a piece of Stark Tech that is explicitly not a weapon. Throughout Armor Wars, Invincible Iron Man vol 1 #225-232 – written by Bob Layton and David Michelinie, penciled by Mark D. Bright and Barry Windsor Smith, inked by Layton, colored by Windsor-Smith and Bob Sharen, and lettered by Janice Chiang – Tony fought armored characters who were not villainous for control of his tech, and as a result, he recognizes that there’s a need for an anti-armor solution that doesn’t hurt anyone, a non-lethal contigency plan.

This point was articulated in the first issue of the current ongoing Invincible Iron Man run, in which Feilong tries to trick Tony into killing a drugged civilian, dressed up like an armored villain, who Tony also takes down using the anti-propulsion foam. Tony’s foam tech illustrates one of the fundamental conflicts at the heart of Iron Man. Though he might have seen the wrongs of his ways as an arms manufacturer, even the tech he designs to actively prevent harm can be weaponized by those with bad intentions. It’s easy to imagine a scenario where a villain like Feilong could weaponize Tony’s foam next.

Now, with ORCHIS’ multipronged attack on mutantkind fully underway after the X-Men’s 2023 Hellfire Gala, the Stark Sentinels have been unleashed; luckily for the mutants of Krakoa, Arrako, and elsewhere, Tony Stark is on their side, and he has technology that could prove vital to their survival. Feilong might have Stark Industries, but Iron Man is about to have the resources of all mutantkind at his disposal. Tony Stark vs his own misused tech is, as Armor Wars shows, a classic Iron Man problem, but it always has the same solution. When Iron Man’s own inventions are used against him, Iron Man builds something better.

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