Koodo doubles data on 5G plan while increasing prices on tabs

Koodo recently updated its plan page to adjust its prices. Several 5G plans have been changed and it increased the cost of certain Tab plans.

Bring your own phone plan changes

When you bring your own phone to Koodo, you get a better deal. Several new plans were added to this category.

One is a 5G plan that was added only earlier this month. The cheaper 5G plan is $65/month for 60 GB, double the original 30 GB offered. This matches the Virgin Plus offer. The other is a limited-time promo 4G plan; it costs $50/month for 40 GB.

The second 5G plan added this month for $75/month with 60 GB is now gone. The $45/month for 30 GB plan was also taken down, except in Quebec.

Tab plan changes

Tab plans let you pay off a new phone over the course of your contract with Koodo. Both Tab Plus and Tab Mid plans are now 5G and start at $65/month for 60 GB (up from $62/month) for most of Canada. In Quebec, they start at $50/month.

Source: Koodo Via: iPhone in Canada

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