Maxis launches 5G in Malaysia via network access deal with DNB

Maxis launches 5G in Malaysia via network access deal with DNB

Maxis announced 5G plans for both prepaid and postpaid users

Malaysian mobile operator Maxis has become the last of the country’s major carriers to launch 5G services.

In a release, Maxis said that it is launching 5G for end-users via the network operated by local state-run company Digital Nasional Berhad (DNB).

Last month, Maxis announced its intention to sign a deal with the aim of having access to DNB’s 5G network.

“We are excited to bring 5G plans to our customers following our shareholders’ approval and the subsequent signing of the access agreement with DNB. Our plans offer attractive value for all segments, with a focus on affordability and adoption so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of 5G,” said Maxis’ CEO, Goh Seow Eng.

Maxis announced 5G plans for both prepaid and postpaid users. Rates for the Maxis’ postpaid 5G plans start at MYR79 ($17.20) per month for a plan offering 80GB of 4G/5G data, plus a further 40GB of 5G-only data, as well as unlimited voice calls and SMS.

Rival operators Telekom Malaysia, CelcomDigi, YTL Communications and U Mobile had all agreed to the wholesale access agreement with the state-run network operator.

DNB was set up by the Malaysian government in 2021 as a special purpose vehicle to develop the country’s 5G network infrastructure, which private telecommunications firms would use to offer 5G services to their customers.

However, Malaysia’s 5G roll-out by DNB had raised concerns over pricing and transparency, as well as worries that a single state-run 5G network would result in a nationalized monopoly.

Due to these concerns, the current prime minister, Anwar Ibrahim, had previously announced an overall review of the rollout of the national 5G network due to the lack of transparency. In May, the government announced it will enable the deployment of a second 5G network in 2024, adding that a new entity will be created to manage Malaysia’s second 5G network.

Malaysia’s Communications and Digital Minister Fahmi Fadzil recently said that DNB will continue to roll out 5G network infrastructure in the country until 80% coverage is achieved by the end of this year. The Malaysian government also confirmed that DNB will be taken over by a private entity once it achieves its 5G population coverage target.

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