Red Bull Technical Shrugs off All Praises About Record-Breaking RB19, Sends a Warning to Mercedes and Toto Wolff

Red Bull Technical Shrugs off All Praises About Record-Breaking RB19, Sends a Warning to Mercedes and Toto Wolff

The Red Bull team with Max Verstappen (left), RB19 (right) (Credits- F1, GPFans)

The Red Bull team with Max Verstappen (left), RB19 (right) (Credits- F1, GPFans)

The success of Red Bull’s RB19 is not a secret and has the potential to go down in history as one of Formula 1’s greatest inventions. It will be a marvel to witness the team’s drivers Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez manage to win the remaining races of the season like they did in the former half of the calendar and this record will be as one of a kind.

The car’s powerful performance has been admired by the rival driver, Lewis Hamilton who says RB19 is behind Verstappen’s victories.

Red Bull sees the RB19 as an exemplary creation that thrives in all areas rather than as a remarkable standout that is loaded with intriguing features. But Pierre Wache, the team’s technical director, begs to differ. He says, “It is average good for everything, which is creating a good car. I was more surprised by others, who didn’t do as good a job I would say. That is why our expectations were different from the beginning of the year.

🚨 Pierre Waché does not believe the RB19 is one of the greatest cars of all time:

“I don’t think so.”

“Maybe we realise that next year, because I hope next year’s car will be better than this one in absolute terms.” 👀

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— RBR Daily (@RBR_Daily) August 16, 2023

After winning 10 of the final 11 races to round off a successful 2022 season, the team had doubts about this year’s campaign. By merging altering floor restrictions, Mercedes’ comeback with the zeropod concept, and Ferrari’s early shift in focus towards the 2023 car, they predicted a recurrence into the top five. The impending situation seemed to foreshadow a three-way title showdown. 

Red Bull and RB19: The probable championship-winning car

The unparalleled dominance displayed by Red Bull has sparked debates revolving around the unmatched supremacy of the RB19 on the race track. Following 10 victories out of the first twelve races, Verstappen currently holds an impressive 503 points in the world championship. The machine is truly noteworthy largely for its ability to keep up its superiority despite the challenges of upholding strict aerodynamic testing limitations.

F1 cars have grown quite a lot in just the last 9 years 😬

RB10 vs RB19 for comparison

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— RBR Daily (@RBR_Daily) August 13, 2023

The restrictions brought on by fewer wind tunnel runs are apparent but Wache presents an interesting argument that the team’s awareness of this issue has caused it to rethink its strategy and tactics. The Austrian team has a commanding 256-point lead over Aston Martin, a circumstance that has caught Wache off guard. 

Red Bull was compelled to approach the development of RB19 within greatly constrained parameters owing to the team’s position at the bottom of the aerodynamic testing allowance restrictions, resulting from a mix of the team leading the constructors’ championship and an additional 10% reduction as a result to a 2021 cost cap breach. It is only for the spectators to witness if the car will bring in another Constructor’s trophy for the team.

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